7 Reasons to Post to Writedge instead of Daily Two Cents

Both of these sites are similar in that they are run by the same people and you make money the same way. But it can be difficult to decide which site to post your articles on. Beyond the obvious (word count) how can you decide where to post that article you spent all that time crafting?

The required word count on Daily Two Cents is 100 words but on Writedge it is 400. This allows you to get more in-depth with your article. Of course, you could post a 400 word article on either site so let us explore other ways to determine the site.

In-depth Article

With more words, you can explain the issue more fully. In 100 words, you are just scratching the surface of any topic but with 300+, you can get more into it such as why people do things this way or what leads them here. You can discuss the tools required or what you need to consider.


To me, Writedge is the site where people write more serious articles. If you are writing something lighter such as your favorite recipe or why you think your favorite television show has jumped the shark, Daily Two Cents just feels like the right place to put it. But if you are writing about the challenges of losing weight and what finally did it for you, Writedge seems appropriate.

Establish Authority

The more you can write about a topic, the more you set yourself up as an authority on it. Writing one 100 word article means nothing as anyone can do it, but if you were to write a three 800 word articles having to deal with real estate, it helps to establish you are an expert. Put these articles up on a reputable site, with links to and from the articles, will help you even further. You never know when these articles may have a potential client contact you as they like your work and want you to write something for their site.

Build Your Portfolio

If you are trying to build a portfolio for clients, you may consider building your own site. But why not use a site that is already established and with guidelines in place? Not to mention, the ability to earn a bit of money instead. Ever had a client ask for a free sample? Consider placing it here instead of telling the client you will do the sample but you will be posting it online within 48 hours of sending it to them (or sooner if you are concerned about them stealing it).

More Links

One reason that you may be writing on these sites is to make money. Writedge allows you to include more links in your articles. They allow one for every 250 words up to a maximum of five links to go with 1250 words.   These links can be to affiliate products or anywhere else.   Links within the site itself (Daily Two Cents or Writedge) don’t count as long as they are relevant and within reason.

Less Writers, Less Competition

With there being fewer writers on Writedge, you are not competing with as many people to get your article in front of others. This gives you more views and more income at the end of the day.

Use De-Indexed Articles

If you have been writing online for any amount of time, chances are you were on sites that no longer exist. If you kept copies of the articles you wrote for them, you can wait for them to be de-indexed and then repost them. Any of the longer, more serious articles are perfect for Writedge.   Writedge is a great place for those evergreen articles that you want to post and leave alone while they earn for you.

If in doubt about which site to post your article to, consider the above tips to help you figure it out. If that doesn’t help you, try eeny-meeny-moe instead!

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