7 Features that Work to Retain a Car’s Value

In the past, consumers of used vehicles who are knowledgeable about cars always make sure that the car they choose has a reputation of durability and excellent performance. But it is no longer the sole factor used car buyers are looking for at this time. There are many other factors to consider nowadays and most of them are best delivered by reputable sellers. For this reason, it is always good to buy a car that is loaded with features that work to retain its value. These features include:


1. Advanced Sound System


This is not a real necessity, but most drivers are fascinated by a wonderful car stereo system. Vehicles with superb quality sounds always look attractive to a prospective new owner – they help to make passengers comfortable especially during long trips.


2. Bluetooth


Being able to allow drivers to talk to someone on the phone without having to hold the gadget, a Bluetooth can certainly catch the interest of potential car buyers. Most modern vehicles are equipped with Bluetooth. It is certainly a feature that can help to preserve a car’s resale value.


3. Heated Seats


Buyers of used cars in cold countries love vehicles with heated seats. Cars with this feature are surely priced in places that are extremely cold.


4. Keyless Entry


This is a feature that allows the driver to enter and start the car without using keys. Although it has become common in modern vehicles, it certainly has an appeal to used car consumers, thus adding value to the vehicle. 


5. Premium Wheels


Standard wheels don’t make a car more noticeable during resale time, but the ones that are upgraded with a set of premium wheels tend to be more attractive despite of the disparity in price. From a practical standpoint, it doesn’t really make a difference whether you’re using standard or premium wheels. But upgrading to premium wheels does make a difference not only in style but also in resale value.


6. Leather Seats


Leather seats are durable and they look and feel better than cloth seats. Cars with cloth seats don’t perform better than the ones with leather seats in terms of re-sale. They are also cheaper even if both their engines and other components are of the same condition.


7. Automatic Transmission


Cars with automatic transmission have become the favorite of many US drivers because of their simplicity especially if you are driving on busy streets. The demand for cars with auto transmission is one factor why this type of car sells higher than their manual counterparts.


So here we go. These are the features most used car buyers are looking for. If you want to buy a car, whether it’s new or used, be sure to purchase one with features that work to preserve its retail value. Obtaining the vehicle from trusted sellers like the Colorado Chevy dealerships can also help. It can work for you when the time comes that you want to sell your car for a newer model.


photo credit for featured image: neajjean (flickr.com)

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