7 Blogging Mistakes that I Still Regret Committing

Blogging mistakes

When I stepped into blogging, I thought it would be a piece of cake and soon I will be seeing results. But  I was totally wrong. It wasn’t easy at all, instead it was like a walk on thorns. Along the way, I did some mistakes that stopped my growth as a blogger. Just like thousands of other bloggers, I was not getting any comments, stable traffic, shares or likes on my blog etc.

Why things don’t go our way?  Why nobody reads your blog? Why you don’t receive any comments? Why your Bounce Rate is so High? Why majority of the bloggers fail? Well there can be various reasons behind. I won’t share all of them, but I will share the common and major ones that caused me a great set back.



1) Getting Obsessed with SEOgetting obsessed with seo

I cared so much about Google and its animal updates that I forgot about my readers.

Result: My content was no longer interesting and my readers were not getting any value from it.

I was just stuffing my content with boring keywords and bogus headlines.


It is readers (real human beings) who are the end consumer of your content. Not some spiders or crawlers. Also Google is not the only source of traffic, there are tons of other platforms that you should care about. Such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Social Bookmarking Sites, Video Sharing sites etc.


Daily publishing blogposts

2) Daily Posting

This mistake is somewhat related to the previous one. You would have heard that Google loves blogs that are updated very often. So keeping that in mind, I tried to publish new post everyday. Which degraded the quality of my content. Because then, I was writing just for the sake of writing, ignoring my readers and everything else.

There are many expert bloggers who preach about publishing new blogpost everyday. But you should not listen to them. Instead of posting daily, you should post Regularly. Just make a schedule and follow it strictly. It can be publishing 3 posts a week or maybe once a week. It all depends upon you.


3) Trying to Be a Professional Writerprofessional-writer

Instead of being a blogger, I tried to be a novelist. I was used to write long sentences that were mostly boring to read. Long and short, I was not providing any value to my readers. Instead, I was just feeding them unnecessary and bogus words.

So try to write short and easy to understand sentences. Because your readers just want information, value and solution to their problem from you. Nothing else…. 😐


inter linking4) No Inter-Linking

I wasn’t putting any external or internal links in my posts. What I would do was just write content and publish. I did not provide readers with additional resources about the subject. Hence my readers would just read the content and leave, without any interaction.

So whenever you write any blogpost, include some relevant links in it. Also feel free to use links of other blogs. It shows that you really care about your audience and would also significantly reduce the bounce rate.


textual content5) Textual Content Only

I did not use images, instead I just filled my posts with noisy texts. Which was really a huge turn off for my readers. Nowadays people and especially Internet users don’t like reading a lot of texts, unless you pack those words with some beautiful images. No matter how informative, valuable or unique your content is; nobody would like to share or post comment on it if there are no graphics.

One Image speaks 1000 Words!!!

So always try to include some relevant images in your blog posts. You can find free to use images on Pixabay. Also make sure that you provide credits to the real creator.


proper formatting6) No Formatting

Even a 9 years old kid can write. But writing a content with proper formatting and paragraphing is what makes a difference. Online readers tend to find excuses for not reading the whole thing and the most common one they find is poor formation of the post.

So make sure that your content is properly formatted and nicely divided into paragraphs. Because remember, it takes only one click to close the tab. Don’t give your readers any reason to do that.


Laziness7) Too Lazy to Proofread

Nobody can write a perfect and error free blog post in a first go. Publishing a blog post without any proofreading, is just like shooting without taking any aim. I was used to do the same. The result was high bounce rate and no engagement on my blog. People would just come to my blog and leave as soon as they will see so many grammatical and spelling mistakes.

So always proofread your blog post at least 5 times before publishing. I bet each time you read, you will find errors and broken flows in it. You will have to omit unnecessary words, correct prepositions, re-construct phrases and fix grammatical errors before you would click on Publish button.


So those were the 7 mistakes that I made and which caused me a huge set back. Don’t forget to share them with your friends. And did you commit any similar mistakes or do you want to share something with me? Go ahead, tell me in your comments 🙂

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Image credits go to Pixabay

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