6 Ways to Clear your Stuffy Nose

It can be said with surety that you all must have experienced a stuffy nose at some point in your lifetime. Stuffy nose can get unbearable at times to deal with when conducting daily life activities. Especially when the symptoms vary from person to person, so are their curing ailments. There can times when It can get quite annoying to cope with the continuous irritation in the nasal areas not to mention the continuous ‘runny nose’ and burning sensations that lead to awful amounts of rise in mood swings. Majority of people find it difficult to figure out effective ways to get rid of it in efficient time. So here are 6 easy ways to clear your stuffy nose.

  1. Blow your nose on a soft handkerchief. Do not ever use a hard cloth or waste paper for cleaning your nose as it will cause a lot of pain and unwanted redness in the area. It is better to use a soft tissue for this purpose. This will save you from the’salute sign’ that appears too often from rubbing your nose frequently on a hard cloth.
  2. Clean your nose using warm water. Luke-warm water tends to decrease the congestion and soothes the inner mucosa linings. Cleaning your nose this way will be more effective as well as relaxing after a rough period.
  3. Use a suitable nasal decongestant to relieve the congestion symptoms in the upper respiratory tract. Due to flu afflicted runny nose, the linings of the nasal tract also known as nasal mucosa becomes red and inflamed apart from getting swollen due to the inflammation of blood vessels as this part of nose is rich in blood supply. Naturally, breathing process is also affected. It is bound to irritate the respiratory tract. Nasal decongestants are available in the form of sprays, droplets and tablets. These decongestants constrict the blood vessels and allow the patient to breathe easily without any further discomfort.
  4. Steam Inhalation can also prove to be helpful in decreasing the flu-like symptoms. Headache and sinus pain is unfortunately one of the many signs & symptoms of a bad stuffed nose. Steam inhalation can be done from hot water pot directly or by taking a hot bath. Make sure you place a cloth underneath the door spaces to avoid letting steam escape out the bathroom as you need as much steam you can get. It has proved to relieve headache and sinus pain and also beneficial for the treatment of associated facial pain. For children under the 12 years of age, instead of nasal decongestant, use saline nasal sprays (salt water sprays) or drops.
  5. Use of effective Medicine can never be ruled out. Many over-the-counter drugs are available in the market to treat stuffed nose as nowadays it has become an unavoidable part of life primarily due to the increasing pollution around your surroundings. Pseudo ephedrine, xylometazoline, phenylephrine and sprays like xynosine, rhinoclenil are some of the effective medicine miracles for the treatment of stuffy nose.
  6. See a Local Doctor. It is never too late to seek for an expert advice on the matter from a local General Physician in your area. In case of a stubborn stuffy nose, do not feel shy to consult a doctor for an expert advice. Maybe you have certain underlying condition such as a DNS or a septal defect that is resulting in recurrent stuffy nose. The doctor will be able to treat you and give you expert opinion to relieve you off the pain and runny-nose.

These are numerous other home remedies that can be fruitful in clearing your stuffy nose that is both annoying and hard to handle. One of the reasons, we all hate a runny nose is that it restrict us from performing basic daily life activities like attending a meeting, wedding function, university or any other occasion that requires your immediate attendance and undivided attention at the event. Following these simple home remedies to get rid of stuffy nose can help you get through the painful trauma in a much better way.

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