6 Tips for Selling Your House

Yes, you can sell your house in this economy, but it will take a little more effort than it did a decade ago. These 6 tips will help get you and your home ready to sell even in today’s ‘buyer’s market’.

Declutter Twice
Go through the entire house and declutter each room, then do it the second time. This may sound excessive, but what most home owners consider a good decluttering job is really only half of what needs to be done in order to get the house sold. If your stuff is everywhere, potential buyers cannot see their stuff in the home. Declutter twice and be brutal.

Hire a Cleaning Crew
Once you’ve removed the excess stuff, hire a cleaning crew to come and give your home a deep cleaning. It is worth the investment to get your home in pristine condition for potential buyers. Nothing turns buyers off more the dirt and grime.

The Price is Right
Face it head on – your house is worth more to you than it will be to anyone else, but you can not price it that way. The price is right when your house is in the same price range as comparable homes for sale within your neighborhood. Overpricing will hinder, possibly even stall, the sale of your home.

Four Month Rule
If a home sits on the market for four months or more, there’s a problem and buyers know it. No offers or low ball offers will be all you’ll get after four months so take your home off the market for two months, then re-list it. New buyers will be house hunting and very few view the sales history of a home prior to making an offer.

Price Drop
If you need to make a price drop, make it a significant one to attract new potential buyers. Don’t waste time by nickel and diming the price drop, knock off a big chunk like $25,000 in one whack. Also price the house below a monetary cap, like $199,000 instead of $200,000, because it makes a huge psychological difference to the buying market.

Smell Check
You live in the home and are used to whatever it smells like, and the smell may be disgusting. Have a friend who will give you an honest assessment come over and do a smell check of your home. Get rid of any odor causing problems and keep some frozen cookie dough on hand to pop in the oven any time potential buyers are on their way over for a showing.

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