6 Bad Habits that Can Kill Your Car

Many people dream of owning a car but only few of those who were able to fulfill that dream know the importance of proper car care. In the modern era, the car has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Every car owner should give his or her car proper care to avoid spending money on repairs which could have been avoided.


Your car can break down because of certain bad habits. You should know these to be able to avoid unnecessary expenses.


1. Ignoring the “Check Engine” Light


When it illuminates, the check engine light of your car tells you that some is wrong with it that you should attend to at once. If you allow that warning to stay without making any action, your engine might finally break down.


2. Not Replacing Fluids and Filters


Cars need fluids to run smoothly an efficiently. But since they deplete with use, you should check your car’s fluid levels every now and then to ensure a smooth ride. Your oil and fuel can also get contaminated with use. Talk to your mechanic to determine the frequency of fuel and fuel filter change. It can certainly help to prolong the useful life of your car engine.


3. Ignoring the Importance of Tire Care


The tires of your car are partly responsible for your smooth and safe travel. Check your tires from time to time to ensure that they are at the right pressure and the upper and lower limits of the depth of their tread are within acceptable limits.  


4. Failure to Follow Service Schedule


The service schedule is an important component of proper car maintenance. You should give it the importance it deserves to make your car deliver its best. One of the things a service schedule is able to provide you with is an idea about the parts whose estimated useful life is about to end. This allows you enough time to replace some parts before they can create real trouble. But if you ignore or disregard the service schedule, you’d probably end up with a lot of problems and unwanted costs.


5. Failure to Clean Your Car


Cleanliness can help to keep your car fresh and free from dirt that facilitates corrosion. If you wash your car on a regular basis, dirt will not accumulate and your car’s life and value improves.


6. Reckless driving


Over speeding, aggressive driving and making abrupt starts and stops don’t just make you an irresponsible driver, it also premature car deterioration. Get the best from your car with proper maintenance, careful driving and being conscious about warning signs especially the ones that come from the car’s warning indicators. Your car’s dashboard warning lights will be your best friend on matters of maintenance. You must not ignore its signals to prevent any problem from getting worse.


Your car is not just an asset. It is investment as well. Give it proper care with the help of competent car maintenance professionals like the Subaru maintenance crew that’s always ready to help you with any automobile problems.


image credit: InfoCog (flickr.com)

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