5 Tips for Making a Successful Motivational Blog

Motivational tips and guides are one of the most searched topics on the internet. It is very hard to keep up with all demands that we have nowadays, so nothing better than some inspiration to reinforce our faith in ourselves. So it is no surprise if your dream is to create a successful motivational blog.

But, in order to achieve it, you will need to follow a few steps; therefore, you can assure that your blog will reach your public – especially if you are expecting to make some money out of it. So here are 5 tips that will help your motivational blog to become a success.



1 – Define your niche and audience

First of all, you need to know what are you going to write about and to whom. Yes, you said that this is going to be a motivational blog, but there is a lot to consider about it, starting with the niches you will cover.

Will it be an inspirational blog for executives? Parents? Dancers? Will you be publishing daily tips, quotes, posts, videos, images?

Plus, you also should try to define which line of thought/beliefs you will be sharing, such as religion-related, mindfulness, positive thinking, etc.

2 – Create a content plan

Now that you know what your topics and target audience are, you need to start writing. Here you should try to get tips from writers and bloggers available on many sites and books. But the one thing you certainly should do is to start writing right away.

Make a list of topics, and try to organize a content plan, so you will know what to write about next. It is also important to have it connected to a calendar, where you will include dates and holidays considered as meaningful to your audience – it can be Christmas or the International Day of Peace – so you can create specific content for those dates.

Having done that, stick to your plan at first, but be ready to adapt it along the way, following a possible public demand.

3 – Choose your images wisely



It’s proven that images will inspire us more effectively than words most of the time, so choose your images wisely. Go through free stock images websites first, and then move to the paid ones as soon as you have enough budget for it –  they will give you more and better options and make your blog much more attractive.

4 – Check your competitors

Go through other motivational blogs and check what they are doing. See how they are picking images, and topics, which extra features they are offering (if any), and how their blog was designed.

Start with the best motivational blogs that you can find, of course, so you know what is considered as the best. But don’t stop there. Make sure that you also will spare some time to those not-so-famous blogs but that are focused on the same target audience that you are – you never know where you will find a great idea. There are a lot of reviews of companies and blogs in different niches. The best option is to read some online reviews there and find out what readers prefer to see on your blog.

5 – Start small

After getting tip number 4 done, it is important that you don’t let it intimidate you. If you see that there are plenty of amazing blogs out there, and you think that you don’t have the talent or the budget or the best workplace to get any near of it, don’t give up. You also shouldn’t try to copy your competitors, or waste all your resources in a first attempt.

Start your motivational blog small and build it up accordingly to the results you will verify along the way. And look for tools to consistently boost your blog traffic. It is much easier to make small adjustments than having to restructure a complex website.

Final Thoughts



Creating a motivational blog is something that you can do if you are willing to take the necessary time to create it and publish it. You will also need to be prepared to build a relationship with your audience, answer their comments, share your content and follow your metrics.

Sounds like a lot of work but this is a niche that still has a lot of space to grow on the internet. So give your idea a try, and follow these 5 tips to ensure better and faster results to your motivational blog.

[Featured image: https://stocksnap.io/photo/CJSRRVR4JE ]


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