5 Questions You Need to Ask A Wedding Videographer in Melbourne

The wedding date has been set, and you are busy with preparations for your wedding.

Have you booked the services of a wedding videographer in Melbourne or not?

If you have not booked yet, this blog is for you.

This blog will help you select the best wedding videographer in Melbourne and that too in your budget.


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In this blog, we are going to recommend you five questions that you need to ask a wedding videographer before making your decision about his services.

The questions are as the following.

#1. Are you available to offer your services to my function? 

Inform the date of your wedding and venue. Inform the service provider the program

and ask about their availability if they can be available to offer the services on that particular date. Do not forget to ask if in case of any delay will they be extending their services?

#2. How long have you been working as a wedding videographer in Melbourne?

This question is important to ask because it will give you an idea if the wedding videographer is an experienced one or a novice. Can you trust a beginner to cover your dream wedding and make a video? You cannot take a chance when it comes to hiring a wedding videographer because your wedding video is the ultimate souvenir of your D-Day that you can show to the whole world and later generations as well and recall the sweet memories of your wedding whenever you feel like.

#3. Do you have any references? 

It is essential to know what their former clients think of them. You can ask the videographer for the latest references and then talk to those people to know what their opinion is about videographers and their services.    

#4. Will you use HD videography camera?

If you do not want a poor quality video of your wedding, this question becomes essential to ask. Though almost all professional videographers use high-quality HD videography camera, it would be great to ask the same in advance. It would be better to ask the videographer to show you some recently shot videos. The videos will give you an idea what sort of quality you can expect in the video.

#5. How much will they charge you?

If the above questions are answered in positive, you can then discuss the price. As a customer, negotiation is your right. However, remember you have to hire the best videographer only, and you cannot compromise with the quality of the video on the cost of saving some bucks.

These questions will significantly help you to select the best wedding videography in Melbourne for your wedding. So, do not forget to ask these questions to a videographer that you approach. If you have some more questions that you believe can be helpful in choosing the right wedding videographer, do share them in the comment box. Your experiences written in the comment box can help the readers in their search.

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