5 Possible Side Effects of Acupuncture

Many people seek acupuncture as an alternative treatment for body aches, pains, inability to sleep, stress, and digestion problems. While these are proven attainable according to a reliable Boulder acupuncture therapist, some patients complain of side effects. Although these side effects are rare and not life threatening, they are real on some individuals. Here are some possible less-pleasant side effects of acupuncture you should know about:




A majority of people who go through acupuncture experience a boost of energy, but there are individuals who feel that their energy is depleted. According to acupuncturists, the feeling of exhaustion after a process is not really a side effect in the real sense. Rather, it is a message from your body that it needs some rest.


One way to address this feeling is to take a night bath and early sleep. This will make you feel recharged and energized in the morning.




It is normal for parts where needles were inserted to feel sore even if these have already been removed. Soreness is more common in the hands and feet. This is not a cause for concern because it can disappear within 24 hours. However, if certain needles are placed in big trigger points, it can result in soreness that can last for days. Most acupuncturists will forewarn you about this possibility before a treatment begins.




This side effect is not as common as soreness and it can occur when hematoma takes place in the skin. Acupuncture bruises can last longer than soreness but they are not a thing to worry about.


Muscle twitching


This is a form of muscle spasm that can happen when you undergo acupuncture. If this happens to you, you should inform your acupuncturist about it so that he or she can do something about it.




This is an extremely rare side effect, but it has happened to some individuals. Its most common causes include getting up quickly after a procedure or getting acupuncture with an empty stomach. The best way to prevent this unpleasant feeling is to avoid getting up too quickly after treatment and to eat before going through an acupuncture treatment.


According to a top acupuncturist Boulder patients prefer, acupuncture is a proven and accepted alternative treatment for a lot of ailments. It can actually stimulate the self-healing faculties of your body. While side effects are possible, they are not actually a big concern. You just need to inform your acupuncturist about it and things will go smoothly as it has been for hundreds of years.


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