5 Popular Wedding Ring Styles for 2014

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The big day is almost here and everything is more or less set for you both to tie the knot, all that needs to be done is to choose the perfect wedding rings. This can be a hard decision for many reasons but mainly because they need to appeal to both partners. Whatever style or trend that’s in, wedding rings always look amazing because of their wonderful meaning of eneternal love for one another.

Here are five different styles that are set to be very popular throughout  2014. So if you are getting married this year and are yet to choose your rings, the following is a must read!

Matching Sets

Matching sets are far from modern and are in fact quite traditional. Vintage has been popular everywhere and not just for weddings. Jewellers are taking notice of the fact that matching sets are going to stay around for quite a while and they are set to be very desired in 2014. This means we will be seeing many new and innovative designs so couples don’t have to settle for plain bands when it comes to matching sets. Couples may design their own set to complement each other while being unique in their own right.

Simple White Gold

White gold is one of the most popular precious metals when it comes to wedding rings and can be more sought after than yellow gold itself. Even though it can be quite expensive, many still desire to have their wedding bands white gold over other precious metals. This could easily be because of its simple but elegant look, yet its versatility to be creative with designs.

Different Coloured Stones

You can use the coloured stone style anyway you wish, you could use your birthstone or simply a colour that you have always loved. Simple clear diamonds have always been beautiful and elegant but colours may offer more variety.  There is a large range of coloured stones out there so couples can be unique together as the choices are unlimited.

Rose Gold

This year rose gold is set to outnumber white gold in the popularity test when it comes to jewellery. Over time rose gold has gained a huge fan base and is one of the latest trends for a wedding band. Rose gold has a unique copper-reddish hue which gives it the gorgeous warm glow it has. Although rose gold has always been a stylish choice, it has forever been third after yellow and white gold when purchasing wedding bands. This maybe the ‘third best’ precious metal but we can expect it to be everywhere this year in the form of wedding rings.

Designing a Ring for Each Other

Wouldn’t it be nice to customise a ring to how you desire it to look? Now we can! Most retail and online jewellers offer their customers this amazing trend. You can design your wedding ring for your partner and surprise them with what you’ve chosen. Yes, this is a big step as your partner may not like what you have chosen, so this style may not be for the faint hearted!

The above are a selection of wedding ring styles that are and will be hugely  popular for the year of 2014. Picking the rings is a big decision and probably the most important purchase to be made when organising a wedding. So whatever style you choose, ensure that it is special and unique to you both.

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