5 Interesting, Small Business Ideas for Women

Are you looking to start your own business but want to manage your home at the same time? Are you unsure about what to work on because you want to make time for family? These are some of the very common questions that prospective women entrepreneurs need to deal with every single day of their lives. In our society, women need to juggle between many different roles: from breadwinners to peacemakers to excellent cooks. In the process, they often struggle to decide on right business choices for themselves. In an attempt to aid that decision-making, we provide here a list of five small business ideas that would flourish under the superwomen of today.

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  1. Children’s Services

Many women realize their love for kids after having kids of their own. This love can manifest itself in multiple ways: taking care of children,or narrating stories to young kids. Whatever is the manifestation, children’s services are a lucrative business to be in especially now when parents are more than ready to pay for their child to be happy.


  1. Art

Are you a creative person? Do you love to paint, quill or make candles? Opportunities to flaunt your creativity are endless. You can start with an art studio of your own, sell creative pieces or, even better, and impart training to others. And the best part about working in art is that you are doing something you love and you will never tire out of it.

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  1. Photography

Professional photography can be an exciting business option for women who love to be behind the camera. Customers adore a good photographer and need one at any event, be it a wedding, a baby shower or a retirement party. However, it is very important to build a good portfolio in this business and more, essentially, to market yourself. Marketing, both online and offline, is key to a successful photography business. 


  1. Baking services

Do you love to bake? Do your guests swoon with your chocolate truffle cake and strawberry macaroons? You can turn your love for baking into an exciting business venture such as a bakery, a healthy bake shop or an artisan cookie shop. Cakes and cookies are on demand everywhere these days and for every occasion and there is no reason why you should not showcase your prowess in this area.

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  1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another great option for women who are juggling between home and work. You can write wherever and whenever you want to. This is particularly helpful for new mothers who have small babies to take care of and odd availability. There are innumerable options in freelance writing: web content writing, technical writing, blogging or copywriting and you can take your pick.


These are five very interesting, small business ideas for the women of today who can make both family and work go hand in hand. All you need is a little creativity and lots of determination and no one can ever hold you back. Read about other interesting ideas on the world’s top small business blogs and find the right fit for yourself.

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