5 Good Reasons why You Should Join a Short-Term Mission Trip

In the bible, God Himself has been calling a number of people to go out into the unknown to spread His word. These were often done in what is known today as short-term missions. God commissions men to accomplish something according to his plan and purpose. Being sent on a mission is a calling. It is a great honor to be of service to our Maker, do His will and spread His love.


If you are offered an opportunity to join a mission, you should feel honored. It signifies that people see you as trustworthy, committed and dignified. But you should take into account that mission trips are not all about its participants – it’s about God and the people He wants to be served. Here are some reasons you might want to consider when you join a Christian mission trip.


1. It allows you to exercise obedience to a great commandment.


Jesus came here not just to save the world but to make disciples of all nations. He wants the world to know that the father has sent Him to redeem us. Through various churches, Jesus calls men and women to do His work. When we join a Christian mission, we are actually heeding a commandment.


Through short mission trips, God wants you to demonstrate His love for people, the very reason why He died for us.


2. It enables you to discover what keeps other missionaries motivated.


While some mission trips are criticized for being treated like a vacation trip by some participants, a majority of missions are sincerely dedicated to the service of the Lord. In fact, many of them leave the comfort of home just to be able to serve the people who are not only less privileged but deprived of God’s word. Working with missionaries, you will soon discover what motivates them despite the challenges. This will be your time to learn how committed people work to serve other people in the name of God.


3. Joining a mission trip is a leap of faith.


If you think you have a calling to help others and spread the Good News, then a mission trip would be an answer to your desire. If financial and other resources are a problem, you just have to trust that God will provide and He will make that trip happen for you. You will be amazed at how things work out for you in the mission. Many short-termers are happy to relate their experience. A majority of them even assert how their short-term experience made them walk closer with God.


4. It helps to make you grow personally and spiritually.


As several serious participants report, a short-term mission is a growing experience. While it is expected of you to pour out something of yourself to others, you will soon realize that you have actually received more. It is a life-changing experience that can change your outlook in life and make you grow not only in character but in faith. It is a journey for and with God.


5. It enables you to set a good example of servanthood.


Your mission may be short, but it can leave a good footprint that works to encourage others especially those who might be too hesitant to leave their comforts behind. You should be proud to be a part of God’s work. Besides, giving a part of your self to give hope to the poor and let them know about God’s purpose is a fulfilling experience. While you may face obstacles along the way, your commitment and desire to be the light that guides lost souls into God’s righteous path will surely prevail. If your heart is with God, He is certainly with you all along. This will be your strong and inspiring testimony of God’s presence. It will definitely encourage young people to take part when youth mission trip opportunities come.


photo credit for featured image: visions service adventures (flickr.com)


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