5 Fun Ways To Spice Up Your Wedding

Looking to spice up your wedding reception or ceremony? Read on! A wedding is a great milestone in life that you should cherish not only for yourself but for those that are spending the big day with you: friends, family, relatives, your partner – it is a huge occasion that requires a lot of preparation.


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There are loads of possibilities, themes and creativity that can be expressed. Here are some of the favourite ways to spice up the wedding:

A Welcome Dinner

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There are bound to be people on either side of the guest lists that the bride or groom have not seen in a very long time nor have met the other half. A great way to break the ice and get everybody comfortable and relaxed is to hold a welcome dinner or lunch – this can be a simple lunch, garden party or even nice dinner the day before the wedding. This allows guest to know each other and be ready and further extend the conversation on the big day. But be cautious, do not go drinking to heavily the day before!


Kids? Children?

On most of the occasion we attend a wedding, there will be kids running around left, right and centre with their parents or guardians chasing and looking after them. This is notable because kids quite frankly, do get bored very fast nor do they know the importance of wedding just yet. One great way to keep the kids occupied is to have specially decorated area for kids with toys, scrapbooks, maybe even a small playground with a dedicated supervisor to ensure that both the kids can have a good time and that the guardians can enjoy the food and time at the wedding also. The kids don’t have to spend most of the time within the area – just when you need a break! But why stop there, why not also include wedding games for the adults?


Awesome Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are getting more and more creative, push away the traditional favours and get creative with trinkets, DIY, crafty gifts or humorous accessories. Why not take the extra step and also provide them a hangover emergency kit for the morning after? They will thank you!

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Memorabilia To Hold Dear

Have you ever tried a photo booth out? If you have, you know that they are a great fun way to spend some time and also have a keepsake of the event. In-between dishes or quiet periods during the wedding, guests can make fun, tipsy, romantic, and silly memories with the included props. These wedding photo booth hire services typically offer guest books as well so that guests could write a warning message as well as include their photo for a night to remember. There is a booth for all sorts of wedding themes and is a sure fire way for guests to remember your wedding with the custom photo strip they take home.


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