5 Effective Article Marketing Tips You Need to Follow

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You know now that article marketing is important. It’s a great option for promoting your business. The question that many people have where to start. Which article marketing tips are best for them to follow?

There are some tips that are more effective than others. Here are the five article marketing tips that you need to follow right now.

Keep Your Content Relevant

Whether you’re posting on article marketing sites or you’re opting for guest blogging, the content needs to be relevant. This isn’t just relevant to you, but also to the sites that you’re writing on.

It needs to be relevant to you so you get to show your credibility to your topic and build trust with the readers. If they don’t trust you, they’re not going to check out your products/services or purchase those products of others you’re promoting.

At the same time, the content needs to connect with the audience of the blog or site. They need a reason to read the content, and check out the links that you provide. This is especially important when it comes to article marketing through guest blogging.

Use Your Author Bio

When you’re posting on other sites, you will get an author bio. Use it to your advantage.

For some sites, this is the only place you can include links. It’s worth adding a link to your website or to your social media profiles. This is where people can learn more about you and the products or services that you promote.

The author bio also needs to show that you’re credible in your industry. Tell people what makes you trustworthy and why you know what you’re writing about.

Link to Other Articles

Article marketing gives you a chance to link back to other sites. Those sites that allow backlinks within articles are great. You can direct people to specific products or even other articles with more information about a particular topic.

Make sure your links are relevant to the content you’re writing. You don’t just want to randomly choose a product to promote. People won’t buy and they won’t trust you in the future. In fact, they’ll be annoyed because you wasted their time.

You don’t just need to link to your own articles either. Linking to others within the same site can be really useful. These other people may return the favor, but it also keeps readers on the site. They’re more likely to find your own content, too. It also shows that you’re not a selfish writer.

Think About the Keyword Phrases

Avoid using short keyword phrases when using article marketing. SEO is now all about the long tail keywords. These are the ones that people are more likely to search for after all.

When you consider the keyword phrases, think about the people you are trying to connect to. Consider the phrases that people are more likely to type when they want the answers you’re sharing. The more on target you are, the better it will be. It reduces your bounce rate, and Google will love you more.

Stick With It

Article marketing is one of those that can get left behind. People wonder whether it really is necessary and start posting periodically.

You need to create a schedule and stick with it. By doing this, people can expect when to see something new from you. They are more likely to follow you on social media for your next update, and they will even sign up to your email list to get your posts to their emails.

If you really can’t stay on top of it, there are freelance bloggers and writers out there willing to do the work for you. You can then concentrate on other parts of your business without spending too much money.

It’s time to throw yourself into article marketing. The above tips are highly effective ones that you need to follow. This is a great way to promote your business, and well worth taking advantage of right now.

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