5 DIY Recycling and Waste Management Ideas for Your Home

Creation of household waste is inevitable. Every day, countless bottles, empty cans and kitchen tools are thrown to the trash and significantly increase the carbon footprint. If you can spend a little effort to give some of the waste a second life you’d help to reduce environmental degradation. You would also save a great deal of money since you avoid buying new items when you can reuse old ones.

DIY home waste recycling is actually fun. Just allow your mind to think out of the box and you’ll be amazed at the number of possible uses of recycled home waste. It is all about taking something that is on its way to the trash bin and turning it into something useful. Everyone can make amazing crafts from different household waste. But when you need to recycle heavier items, it’s good to engage professional waste management services like Fast Skip Bins who have the right equipment and expertise for heavy-duty recycling.

For now, use the following 5 DIY recycling and waste management ideas to revamp your creativity for DIY projects.

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1. Ingenious ways to reuse bottles

Instead of trashing bottles, you can use them in a variety of creative ways including:

As kitchen storage containers – Plastic bottles are really cool when used to hold different kitchen stuff. With just a little research, you can get super easy ways of crafting bottles into accessories that can save you a lot of money.

DIY drip irrigators – If you are into gardening, grab several 2L plastic bottles, make a hole or two into the caps and hang the bottle next to your plants. Fill the bottles with water and marvel at your plants getting slow watering, just the way they like it.

Decorating ideas – home decoration is perhaps one of the best known ways of reusing plastic bottles. Turn a wine bottle into a flower vase, use differently colored glass bottles to add some accent into harsh lighting, turn a bottle into a candlestick, or paint them in creative ways to add color to your home.

2. Upcycle your wire hangers

If you use dry cleaners frequently, it’s likely that you have quite an annoying number of wire hangers. But don’t throw them away yet. They can be of more beautiful use than hanging idle in your closet. For instance, you can make a Christmas ornament wreath or an all-season front door decoration out of one wire hanger. Utilize any kind of bauble with a massive hole to thread a wire hanger through; add vintage jewelry pieces, life savers, paper mache ornaments and what have you to make the wreath as captivating as possible.

3. Repurpose old light bulbs

There are many projects that can save used light bulbs from ending up in the garbage. Simple DIY ideas include painting the bulb to make holiday ornaments, breaking them into pieces for a variety of art projects or wrapping them in yarn or twine to make a centerpiece.

Used light bulbs can also be used in other art projects including snow globes, flower vases, oil lamps, hanging wall decorations and spiders/glass animal figurines

4. DIY cell phone charging holder

It’s such a beautiful idea to make a simple holder for charging phone from waste cardboards, cereal box, spaghetti box, tissue box and so on.

This small and quick project involves printing out the holder template, cutting out the holder and flipping it to hold the phone while on charge.

5. Make a pet bed from an old briefcase

You love your cat and would like to treat it with a little more luxury. Instead of worrying about how you will discard your old, heavy suitcase, make a stylish pet bed with it. The most time-consuming task for this project is probably fitting a cushion into the case. But you can surely do it with your love for your pet and passion for proper waste management. You can also make small legs for the pet bed using leftover wood pieces.

The above 5 ideas can greatly help you to reduce waste disposal and usher you into the joy and satisfaction that comes from DIY home improvement.

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