5 Biggest Mistakes of Unexperienced Tourists

1. You don’t check if you need a visa

And we don’t mean a credit card. To get into some countries you must obtain a permit to travel. It depends on your citizenship. Other countries require transit visa for tourists travelling across their territory to another country.

Remember that you can wait for your visa even up to a couple of weeks.

2. You don’t buy any insurance

According to Murphy’s law, if you don’t do it, accidents are more likely to happen. And even if it doesn’t work like that, you will probably avoid any risky activities. Wouldn’t you like to try capoeira or mountain biking if available? Better not. It could cause not only medical problems, but also financial ones.

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3. You take too many clothes with you

It ought to be hot and sunny on that tropical island you’re going to visit for seven days so you take seven summer dresses. And some tops and shorts, and skirts. But the weather forecast can be wrong, so you take several pairs of pants, too. And you need various shoes for all those clothes.

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This way you’ll end up with heavy luggage and you probably won’t wear most of your clothes. Remember to be prepared for any kind of weather rather than have three sets of clothes for each day of your trip. Try to choose ones that can be mixed, e.g. shorts or pants and tops. And note that you sweat more wearing clothes made of polyester or similar fabric.

4. You don’t take any cash

Paying by card is very comfortable and low bank fees seem to be more and more tempting. But if you don’t have local currency you can get into trouble. You dreamed of cashmere scarf, didn’t you? And now, you cannot buy it because local shopkeeper doesn’t accept credit cards. This is not that bad, but imagine you cannot buy water on a hot and sunny day. You’d better keep some cash in local currency in your wallet.

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5. You take home forbidden “souvenirs”

This is not a joke. A statue of Buddha, bought in Thailand, or snail shells from Australia cannot be simply taken away to your country in your bag. Do not take any stuff made of coral, tortoise shell or elephant ivory. The other forbidden stuff (depending on the country) can be crocodile skin, bearskin, caviar, medicines containing substances from some kind of animals and shahtoosh or vicuna wool.

Tabure / Pixabay

Check the actual regulations once you decide to go to any country. Or be prepared for a big fine.

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