5 Big Dating Turn-Offs

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Dating is one of those activities where people either jump in with both feet eager to seek new relationships or they begin to withdraw due to frustration with their experiences. Today, with the growth of the web over the past two decades, the dating scene has been both simplified and complicated simultaneously.

Online dating sites have provided people with the opportunity to dive into a much broader dating pool, however, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without its own benefits and drawbacks. Same thing with reconnecting on social networks, such as Facebook. 

Despite the growing popularity of online dating, traditional ways to find a date still has its place, as people still often meet in ordinary places, the workplace or are set up through friends, even in today’s tech-centric society.

Once the plunge to ask or accept a date is taken, the risks are very similar no matter how the date was made. Perhaps the biggest one being the realization your date is a total turn-off. Or, it could be your habits are a turn-off to your date.

What are some big dating turn-offs for people? (list is in no particular order)

1. Fakers and Liars

Probably one of the most annoying, and disappointing, realizations is learning a date either has misrepresented him or herself and/or flat-out lied. Once that first lie is caught, depending on the type of lie told, there is sometimes no going back. First impressions go a long way and may turn a person off, right from the get-go.

Repeated liars are even more of a turn-off because there is no way to build a relationship if trust is absent right from the beginning. Chances are that individual will be shown the door, as few people want to waste their time wondering if the person will ever be honest.

2. Disrespectful

A date who is disrespectful to the person they are going out with, or to others encountered during the course of the date, is highly unlikely to bode well in a budding relationship. An individual who is rude, or makes uncalled for comments to his or her date, is likely not going to see a second date. Additionally, a person who insults wait staff or other people encountered during the date, demonstrates a lack of respect for others. This person will likely be seen as a turn-off.

3. Smoking

According to a 2012 study, smoking is a turn-off. Reported by BBC News, the U.K. Department of Health study said 75 percent of individuals aged 18-24 said they would not kiss someone who had just finished smoking. The survey also suggested people “would think twice” before beginning a serious relationship with a person who smoked. Reportedly, dating websites, such as eHarmony, Match.com and mysinglefriend, also suggest many members are not looking for a date who smokes. 

4. Excessive Partying

While partying may not be considered a bad thing in itself, over time excessive partying can wear a person down. This is usually because the relationship is not growing as all the energy is spent on going out and partying. While this may work for some couples, unless both prefer this lifestyle, the other may be turned off or just simply become exhausted.

5. Cheating

A person who spends the time on a date flirting with others, rather than the person he or she is out with, is likely not going to give a positive impression. Nor will listening to tales how he or she landed back in the dating pool, which include reasons such as cheating on a former partner. While some may be more understanding with a one-time cheat, habitual cheaters (and ones who brag about it!) often send people running in the opposite direction.

Individual tastes when it comes to romance vary and, while any number of habits or lifestyle choices can be a dating turn-off, depending on the people involved, anything can be annoying. From how a person brushes their teeth to the style of clothes they wear. Even a date’s choice of pets may bug some people. 

What do you see as big dating turn-offs and/or peeves?

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