5 Aspects of Responsible Journalism

Journalism is not just about writing, the media, and informing people about events, places, and ideas. It entails a great responsibility that is based on fairness, justice and truth. To attain this end, it is of utmost importance that journalism continues to educate the people involved in this business and make them aware of their responsibilities. Here are the five aspects of responsible journalism each journalist should make a part of their life:


Truth and Accuracy


Truth is not always certain even in journalism. But it is the obligation of every journalist to get correct, accurate and relevant facts. A journalist who cannot corroborate certain information should let their audience know about the real state of the matter. Truth and accuracy is tantamount to transparency. Transparency in journalism wins the trust of information sources and captures the conviction of the general public..




Journalism is an independent part of society and journalists should act independently and be free from any political, cultural or corporate influence. Their actions should not be influenced by special interests of any individual or organization. If a journalist has personal interest in any subject and of any nature, he should let his audience and editors know about it.




It is a moral obligation for each journalist to present his story in a fair and balanced manner. While he is not obliged to present both sides of a story, he should be able to state facts objectively. This is impartiality. It is one thing that makes journalists credible, respectable and trustworthy.




Journalism is not intended to harm or slander other people. Although some of their works may be hurtful to some, journalists should be careful with their words because using the wrong ones can cause harm to the image of affected individuals – and they can have a damaging effect especially if those words are filled with untruths. Anything that may be hurtful should be supported with facts. Journalists should not mix them with his personal views.




Every journalist should take responsibility for their words and actions. It is not uncommon for people in the trade to commit occasional mistakes, but a committed and responsible journalist should rectify those and apologize sincerely for the error. Even if the fault lies with what his audience says, a good journalist should be able to provide remedies when a situation becomes quite unfair. This is what every journalist should always remember. They are accountable for what they have written or said regardless of the medium the use to disseminate information.


Journalists are guided with rules to be able to print or broadcast true, fair and unbiased information. In order to preserve and maintain this, people in journalism are encouraged to undergo a continuing journalism training program. This will equip them with the right mindset towards ethical freedom of expression. This will make everything we see or hear from the internet or media credible and worth sharing. Journalism plays a great role in society. We should make it a respectable craft by being responsible in what we share with the media.

image credit: Charu Tyagi (pixabay.com)


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