4 Unique Reasons To Carry a Camera You Never Would Have Considered

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If you are a writer, chances are pretty good that you always carry some kind of word pad with you. You never know when you might get inspired to jot down some notes for something you want to write later. What about a camera? Pictures can be inspirational too. You never know when you are going to see something and want to remember it forever. Taking a picture is the easiest way to make that happen.

Making memories is not the only reason for carrying a camera around with you though, it is just one of the more practical ones. In fact, there are a lot of uses for that digital camera that you’ve probably never thought about.

Interesting Reasons Why You Should Carry a Camera

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Remember where you parked your car. Not going to lie, I hate parking in a crowded parking lot and then spending a lot of time shopping. It makes it impossible to find your car when you come back out! Take a picture of where you parked your car and the area around it. It will make it much easier to find your car when you come back out. You might look silly taking pictures of the parking lot, but you’d also look silly wandering around the lot looking for your car, now wouldn’t you?

Use it as a substitution for a mirror. You just finished eating a snack and there is no mirror for you to make sure there is nothing on your face! Fortunately, you can whip out your camera and take a quick selfie. Then, you can look at the picture and see if any of your snack remains stuck to your face. Better than wandering around with something stuck to your face all day right?

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Gift wishlist storage. Do you ever get sick of people asking you what you want for Christmas all the time? Maybe you find yourself telling them you have no idea or you cannot remember? Next time you go to the store, snap a couple of pictures of things you really liked. Create a virtual gift list and then send them the list the next time they ask you about it.

Quickly stores a number. Have you ever seen a sign at the side of the road advertising something that peaks your interest? Maybe it was a sale? Perhaps it was an old car for sale that you really wanted? It bites when the speed limit prevents you from getting a good look at the number. Fortunately, you can whip out that camera and take a quick picture. Then, you will have the number to call when you get home.

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As you can see, having a camera with you is about so much more than just taking pictures of your little bundle of joy or your sexy husband. There are lots of practical benefits as well. 


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