4 Tips for Working Through Morning Sickness

working through morning sicknessPregnant women often have to deal with morning sickness. In fact, for some women, the sickness continues into the afternoon and evening. There are some who find themselves hospitalized but this is a worst case scenario.

For the majority of women, morning sickness disappears after the first trimester. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter I would get it on schedule for some reason. At 10am every day, I’d be sick and that would mean I’d be fine for the rest of the day. After week 10 of my pregnancy, it went to once a week and then once a fortnight and then every now and then.

Since I worked from home and relied on my income from my work, I had to find a way to work around my morning sickness. Here are the tips that I found helped me.

Keep Drinking Water

Because I couldn’t be sick until 10am (strange, I know), I’d feel rough from the moment I woke. Eating wasn’t really an option, so I had to drink plenty of water. I’d always have a small bottle of water on my desk and some in the fridge ready to grab when I’d finish the first one. That meant I at least had something when it came to being sick.

Drinking water is recommended anyway. It can help to alleviate the nausea, while keeping your body hydrated. It’s also important for the growing baby.

Eat Plain Crackers If You Can

On a morning, I’d have to have a couple of crackers to at least put something on my stomach. That was the most that I could handle while I initially worked. Plain crackers didn’t really have a scent to put me off being around my computer.

Plain crackers can also help alleviate the nausea, although I never actually found that.

Work When You Feel Your Best

After lunch, I would be able to breeze through my work. That was when I felt at my best, and when I could get the majority of it done. It’s worth finding a time that you feel your best. Use that to your advantage so that you actually get through your orders.

For some women, it means working later on at night. Of course, that can lead to fatigue setting in. Listen to your body, and figure out a schedule around your current needs.

Remove the Scents That Make It Worse

This sounds like an obvious one, but can take time to manage. I remember going into the kitchen every morning, smelling what I was sure was something dying in there. My husband couldn’t smell it and kept joking that I was making it up. To this day, we’re not entirely sure what it was but it certainly seemed like something connected to my pregnancy.

Other scents we were able to pinpoint and I can remove them from the house—or put them there if they helped. For example, some incense I would always have burning because it really help to settle my stomach while I wrote but I had to get rid of the smell of oranges at first.

If you can, find someone to help you while you work through your morning sickness. I didn’t have the option, but you may be able to find someone who can put together your orders or do the writing so you just have to proofread.

This part of your pregnancy will disappear eventually. You can get to the other side of it, and you will be able to work normally. Working through morning sickness will really help when it comes to becoming a work at home mom.

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