4 Tips for Taking Care of Fur Coats

Fur makes a great addition to any wardrobe. It can be matched with almost every outfit and made to look elegant, daring or practical and cozy. It’s a prize possession in any closet and it should be treated as such.

In order to keep your fur fresh, clean and long-lasting you need to take a few steps to ensure it is stored properly.

Everyday care

The fur needs circulation to breath which is why you should never hang it in a garment bag, especially a plastic one. Instead, the coats should be hanged on a broad sturdy and padded hanger. That way you will prevent the hide from drying out and the shoulders won’t lose their initial shape.

Don’t use too much perfume or hairspray while wearing fur coats. Most of them contain alcohol which will dry out the fur and make it crack. Never leave jewellery pin on the coat once it’s stored because it will mat it. Also, try avoiding wearing a shoulder bag with the fur coat to avoid making bold spots.


Animal fur easily gathers dust, oils, and odors. This is especially the case if you wear it often and apply a lot of makeup or perfume. Sometimes just walking through the city can feel like going through a smog cloud. Therefore you should clean the fur once a year. It should be done by a fur cleaning professional; ordinary dry cleaning won’t do because fur is so delicate.

If you get caught in a light rain or snow, simply shake the water off and leave the coat in a well-ventilated room. Don’t try to use a hair dryer or even clothes dryer or apply any direct heat to the fur. Once it’s dry shake it off a few times to regain the fluff it had before.

Professional care

Professional fur care could be just a more thorough cleaning process, but it can go much further than that. Professionals will inspect the coat for rips, tears, and stains. The linings will also be cleaned probably by hand, with the special attention to spots and stains.

Vintage furs could also be restyled and updated so they can fit with any modern wardrobe. Experts for Fur Restyle from Rosendorf Evans say that 1940s style is especially popular and making a comeback this season. The hemline is a bit shorter nowadays but the glamour remains the same.


When it comes to storing, there’s one rule to remember above all others – fur hates heat. If it’s too hot the fur will dry out and crack. The optimum temperature for storing fur is 45 degrees F with 50 percent humidity. Moths and other insects can’t survive such temperatures and if the vault is dark enough you don’t have to worry about fading or bleaching either. Properly stored coats can last decades if they are cleaned regularly as well.

Be gentle with your fur coats. Clean them carefully or let the professionals do it, make sure they are stored in a way that won’t damage them and you will always have a fabulous outfit to rely on.

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