4 Things to Do with Tea Bags Beyond the Cup or Glass

Sweet iced tea is a staple drink in the south, we even put it in the baby’s bottle on a hot summer day. But tea bags can do more than just create a beverage that satisfies the thirst of young and old alike. Give these 4 other uses for tea bags a try.

Dye Linens

If you want to dye white linens to make them look antique and well-loved, use tea bags. Prepare a container large enough to accommodate the linens (the kitchen sink works well when dying a large, linen table cloth) with warm tea. Place the white linens in the warm tea and let them steep for an hour or until they reach the desired color. Different tea types will produce different fabric colors and can range in shade from antique ivory to berry pink.
This is also a good trick to use on antique linens that have stains – the tea will even out the color of the fabric and hide the stains.

Feed Plants

Once a month brew a pot of tea (un-sweet) just for your plants to keep the acid level of the soil in balance. Let the tea cool and water your plants, houseplants or outdoor plants, with the tea. Always toss tea bags onto compost pile or place directly on the soil surface of houseplants or outdoor plants to maintain soil acid levels.

Tea Party Invite

Use ‘tea’ as a party or shower theme and include a tea bag or facsimile of one in the snail mail invites or online E-vites. Brew up a good time and serve sweet ice tea as the main beverage of the party or set up a tea bar and provide a variety of flavored teas and hot water so guests can make their own cup of tea.

Instant Antiques

The tongue-in-cheek adage of ‘antiques made while you wait’ is actually something you can do with tea bags. Antiques papers and photographs have an yellowish-tan patina that has developed over the years, but the look can be faked in a few minutes with tea bags. Place a tea bag (black tea) in a cup of hot water to steep for 10 minutes. Remove the tea bag and allow the liquid to cool. Dampen a white paper towel in the tea, wring out excess liquid, and lightly wipe the tea across the paper or photograph to give it an instant antique look. Make even strokes with the damp paper towel so the fake tea patina will look real.

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