4 Predictions about the Future of Big Data Everyone Should Know

Big data keeps on increasing by the moment. It has reinvented many organizations in ways that one could have never imagined! The startling growth of big data services has made a ground-breaking impact everywhere with its incredible insights.

Data is everywhere. From every single search on Google to each moment spent on Facebook, everything is practically transformed into data. The world has become a massive data collection gizmo now. Yet, we often fail to understand the boundless possibilities of big data services.

Let’s take a quick look at the predictions on the future of big data!

  • Data is now considered as one of the most valuable assets for any organization which is why an intensive big data education has to be included. It is growing at such a dynamic pace. Did you know that by 2020 the new information which is generated every second will cross 1.7 megabytes! Every minute each Facebook user send almost 32 million messages and 2.8 million videos are being watched daily. The number of connected devices will be approximately 50 billion within 5 years along with sharing, collecting, and analysis all of the data.
  • This year, we will see the rise of popular cloud trends. People will become more familiar with the cloud applications, and specializations just like every other industry. This will result in creating several research opportunities within the realm of big data frameworks. Data enthusiasts must take a special note of this as data scientists with a specialization will get an opportunity to make the most out of this trend. The Cloud offers an appropriate solution for storing and processing big data. This year, there will be a significant growth in the usage of Hybrid Cloud. It provides the flexibility and option to locate big data services based on a specific need. The data can be located and accessed depended on the consumption type and workload needs. The Hybrid Cloud system is being controlled to maintain the data governance requirements, privacy, and security. It also gives the client the flexibility to choose and alternate the environment, and big data services as needed. This helps the cloud apps and services to be composed using the best possible big data frameworks and insights. The Hybrid Cloud provides flexibility and openness to its clients to enjoy the freedom of controlling the big data frameworks as per requirements.
  • The Internet of Things will continue to move forward. According to Gartner, there will be 20 billion devices that will be connected to IoT and the IoT services will generate more than $280 billion in revenue! IoT will have a major impact in dealing with the consumers especially in fields like healthcare and other industrial applications as well. In 2018, IoT technology will accelerate the transmutation of the industrial factories into software-focused factories. Additionally, IoT will help in enabling the automation process and operations in DevOps-style. Functions like mobile monitoring and factory management will increase with the help of data insights provided by IoT. This would result in driving a better business decision. IoT would definitely take healthcare to the next level by its targeted treatment and automated dosage of medicines.
  • Machine learning is being used by a lot of companies for a wide range of activities like human behavior pattern recognition, fraud detection, and real-time ads. This year it will only become better and productive. Businesses are moving towards automation now which is why machine learning is developing at a faster pace! This will open a brand new dimension for machines with boundless applications in a wide range of industries such as healthcare systems, self-driving cars, and even video games.

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