4 Good Reasons Not to Buy Makeup on Impulse

Many women routinely buy makeup they use, but how many cosmetics purchases end up stacking up in a drawer? Buying makeup on impulse is a bad habit to fall into, and there are many reasons not to purchase that extra eyeliner or new shade of lipstick on a whim. 


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4 Good Reasons Not to Buy Makeup on Impulse

1. Expense

Expense should probably be at the top of the list for reasons not to buy makeup on impulse. Cosmetics are typically not cheap and buying item after item can quickly add up and put a huge dent in one’s budget.

2. May Not Be Right for Skin

Like any other product you invest in, it is a good idea to know what exactly it is you’re buying that you’ll be putting on your face. Not all makeup products are created equal and you may inadvertently buy a product that doesn’t work with your skin for whatever reason.  Additionally, that blush or foundation that looks great in the display may not look so good once you apply it on yourself.  Instead, control the impulse and carefully consider your purchases before heading to the register; it’s best to decide if it is truly a “must” have or if you simply were drawn to the advertising or packaging. 

3. Fake Products

Unfortunately, many knock off products find their way into the hands of the consumer. This, of course, will depend on upon where you shop but beware of purchasing cosmetics that are not the true deal. It is not uncommon for consumers to see a good deal (of any product, really) and buy on impulse. The rule is to always keep in mind, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

4. The ‘Free’ Gift

Many makeup sales come with a free gift, except there is usually a catch where you have to spend a certain amount of money in order to qualify for the gift. Many women may focus on the gift, rather than the products they have to buy in order to get it. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy makeup on an impulse to get the gift, because chances are you’re probably spending money on cosmetics you don’t really need.

Buying on impulse may feel satisfying at first, however, rarely leads to any true fulfillment in the end. Where makeup is concerned, impulse buys typically end up creating a bunch of clutter in a drawer or makeup case and never get used. Additionally, keep in mind that makeup does expire after a period of time, so it is best to narrow down and only purchase the products you’ll truly use and stick to those. 

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