4 Creative Ways For You To Use Instagram For Your Business Website

When you have decided to use Instagram for your business website, it is crucial for you to ensure that you are creative enough to make your advertising campaign on this social media platform a success. The objective for you here is to create an everlasting impression on your customers so that they keep on coming back to you for more.

Why use Instagram for your business website

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Several business owners are using Instagram today for their business websites. This social media platform has several unique features that you may deploy to stand out in the crowd and gain the competitive edge in the market. Now the question that lies in front of you is how can you creatively use Instagram for the effective marketing and promotion of your business. The following four creative tips will help-

  1. Trigger sales with product profiles and catalogs that talk- Here you need to ensure that you create interactive product profiles and catalogs. When users of Instagram want to make a purchase, they look for an extensive product profile page and catalog that is appealing and conveys a positive statement or message. For instance, renowned furniture company Ikea used Instagram for launching a comprehensive product catalog type website with its exclusive tagging feature. This feature is very simple. It is more or less like the regular Instagram account that you use. Here, the visitor will look through the images of your product and is redirected to the account of the product by just selecting or tapping on the image picture. If you have patience and wish to use the same strategy for your business, go for it and see how it leads to positive lead conversions for your business. Here, you just have to have individual emails that are created for every product category that you wish to feature. You should use every email for creating a related Instagram account for every product that you have in the categories listed. It does take time. However, your efforts are worth it. Once you have done this, ensure that you load the category profile with pictures of the products that you sell. Place a direct link for purchase in the bio section of the account of the product category. Use this primary account to upload photos of products as and when required and tag the Instagram account to the relevant product for leads and increase real Instagram followers for your account.
  2. Direct Message-It is imperative for you to connect with your targeted audience and their friends. If you are an esteemed brand that everyone is aware of, it is prudent for you provide branded exclusive items as gifts to attract customers and prospects. In case you are a small company you may promote smaller items that have a wow factor so that your followers take note of it. Once you have decided to offer a product, it is essential for you to ask people to leave comments in case they wish to receive the product as a gift. Instagram has a direct messaging feature that helps you to connect with the lucky followers and send them the gift. The trick here is to connect with your customer one-to-one for a personal touch.
  3. Story-telling with tagged images- Instagram came into the social media arena with the objective to tell stories. Long back esteemed company Old Spice used this technique to attract customers in the past. You can model this storytelling campaign and create an engaging tale for your audience. In case, you are not good at creating stories; you can add interest by posting local area tours. You can take the theme of historical sites and use images and videos to engage your audience. Once their interest is triggered, this works well for the brand visibility of your company. If you wish to, you can also include other navigation choices for your customers as well.
  4. Creative layouts for images and bigger pictures- It is crucial for you to attract the attention of Instagram users and you can do it efficiently with the use of bigger photos against a creative image layout. For example, if you deal with food, you can post pictures of your dishes against creative layouts. You can also include a link that will take your audience to the bio section of your account. In this way, you can trigger in more users to visit your account and follow you.

The recipe for online success is simple here on Instagram if you follow the above four creative tips. They are affordable and can cater to the needs of any business both big or small. The moment you get creative with your Instagram advertising campaigns, you will not only be able to attract more followers to your website, but you will gain the competitive edge in the market as well with your brand presence!

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