4 Careers for Those with a Health Care Administration Degree

A health care administration degree is a great step to starting a career in the medical field. As our baby boomers get older there is a huge demand for people who have skills and an education in the health care field. Nurses and doctors are part of that demand but other supportive personnel is required, too. Direct care providers are important but they could not do their job effectively without the people that work in supportive roles. Those who receive an education in health care administration help everything run smoothly and remove some of the pressure and stress for others in the field.

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And the best part is that there are many different types of careers available for those with a health care administration degree.

About the Health Care Administration Career

The primary job of health care administrators is to coordinate, plan, direct, and supervise services that are delivered in health care facilities. Some of the things they may manage include:

  • A department within a clinic
  • An heath care facility
  • A group of physicians in the same building
  • Careers for Those with a Health Care Administration Degree

1. Hospital Administration

Hospitals need to run smoothly and care to patients needs to be delivered smoothly so the hospital administrator plays a very important job in any hospital. Some of the duties that they will take care of include handling records and making sure they are maintained properly, creating work schedules, managing the inventory and taking care of the finances. It is the hospital administrator’s job to make sure that the business end of health care runs smoothly.

2. Clinical administration

A clinical administrator is usually responsible for a specific department or a specialty department within a hospital or a medical practice. Their duties may include creating and monitoring a budge, creating and implementing policies, monitoring the care of patients, and putting together reports. It is an important job and if it is not done right the rest of the practice will suffer.

3. Nursing home administrator

A nursing home provides residential services for elderly persons that need to have care on an on-going basis but want a little bit of privacy. There are many challenges to this position and it takes a very caring person to do it well. As well as managing finances, the property, admissions, and the staff, the nursing home administrator s also responsible for making sure that residents are happy and have everything that they need.

4. Health information manager

Making sure that client information is safe and well maintained is an important job. Health information managers make sure that no one has access to patient records that should not have access. Technology plays a big role in this job to help health information managers to maintain databases where information can be secured.

Your First Step to a Career in Health Care Administration

Your first step is to get a degree in Health Care Administration. You will need a Bachelor’s Degree at the very least to get an entry level position. If you are specifically interested in becoming a health information manager then you can get a Bachelor’s Degree in that area. There are many colleges and universities that can help you get started on this career path but you can also consider an online health care administration degree.

Some employers are looking for those that have a Graduate Degree in health care administration, especially if you are applying for jobs as a health services manager. If you want to be able to advance in your career a Masters Degree will be helpful.

As mentioned, an online health care administration degree is one of the options that is available to you and this is a good option if you do not want to have to take time off from work. You can work on any level of education that you want, from a Bachelor’s to a Master’s to a Graduate Degree. This can provide you with the flexibility you need to pursue or to continue your career goals.

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