4 Best Blog Writing Tricks from the Pros

There are a lot of blogs out there. Several million get written every day. That’s a lot of competition. In fact, it is so much that unless you stick out head and shoulders above the rest you’re just not going to get noticed. After all, the better blogs attract the lion’s share of the reads and there is no prize for being in the middle of the pack.

For that reason, you have to know what will make your blog posts better than the rest. Today we’re going to look at a few ways that you can do exactly that.

Find Your Niche

You have to find what your topic is and focus on it almost exclusively. Yes, of course if something else comes along that’s interesting you can spend a post or two on it, but this should be the exception rather than the rule.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. You will get better at it. The more you write on this theme the better you’ll come to understand the ins and outs and though you might not start off as an expert, you’ll slowly grow to become one, both in actual fact and in the eyes of others. Both of those are vital.
  2. You become known for that niche. People will know that if they want to know something about a certain topic, it’s your blog that they should look up. And if you can become that X = Y in the mind of the user, then you’re a long way towards establishing a loyal following. And that is what we’re all after.

Like what you’re doing

The truth is if you’re not big yet it’s probably going to take a while (think months) for you to get there, if you do at all. In that time, the only thing that will work to keep you motivated is your own enjoyment of what you’re writing about.



So make certain that you actually like your topic! This will keep you going in those dark lonely hours where it feels like only your mom is actually reading what you’re doing (isn’t it ironic that most of us blog in order to connect with others and yet it turns out to be one of the  loneliest jobs in the world?).

What’s more, people will notice. If you aren’t writing something that you are engaged with then people won’t be engaged. The energy you have when you write a post somehow hides between the letters on the page. If it’s insipid your piece will be as well, while if it’s vibrant people will actually feel energized by what you’re writing. And if that energy is charged enough, it can turn a mediocre writer into a highly successful one.

Quality over quantity

Everybody keeps yelling that you should publish so many times a week and keep your content fresh and exciting. Now if you can do that and keep your content fresh and high-quality as well, that’s great. Most of us, however, can’t. We’ve got jobs to think about and lives to lead. If you’re one of those people who finds that the quality of their work is suffering as a result of the quantity you have to write, then stop writing so much.

Inform your readers that you’re going to go back to a slightly less rigorous schedule of publication in order to improve the quality of what you’re doing. If you can actually keep your word and create better quality than you were previously, they’ll thank you for it.

Even better, when you find a really good topic that isn’t too time sensitive take more time on it than you normally would. Write it, put it aside, come back to it, edit it, tweak it, ask advice from other bloggers, maybe even get a writing service involved (check out the best websites out there). The reason you do this is because shares beget shares which means that posts that are outstanding are going to generate far more traffic than several that are only pretty good.

So work to occasionally get something truly outstanding up on your site.

Include others in your little bubble

Almost all successful blogs nowadays are written in the second and first person. That’s because this creates a far more intimate relationship between you and your reader. That is only the first step down this road, however and you should continue on down it as far as possible.



Ask questions that the reader might so that they feel it’s a two way conversation. Address them directly. And don’t be afraid to address people by name if you know they’re reading your blog or you want them to. This gives them a warm fuzzy feeling of inclusion and is a great way to make a loyal reader even more loyal and another writer feel like they have to respond.

And once you’ve got a conversation going with another blogger, you no longer just have access to your own readers, but for as long as the conversation lasts, theirs as well.

Last thoughts

Blogging isn’t easy anymore. Those days are long gone. That’s the problem with a fad. It means everybody and your uncle Jimmy get involved and that means the field gets too crowded for many people to succeed.

It’s not all bad news, though. After all, when there is that much desire for blog posts, there is also a constant need for people who can actually write the darned things. That means there is money to be made – possibly not off of your blog, but maybe off of the connection that you make. So don’t despair. This is a great time to be writing. Now you just have to make certain you become a great writer. Hopefully, these tips will help in that regard.


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