3 Tips for Purchasing DIY Ink Cartridge Refills Online

The next big thing after printers and computers are the consumables. Consumables are generally expensive and the problem is compounded by the cost of replacements. Typically, OEM replacements come with hefty price tags that are sometimes more expensive than the printer unit itself.

Nonetheless, a practical alternative exists — DIY ink cartridge refills which is marketed as refill kits. As a DIY or Do-it-yourself, it is sold with instructions for the convenience of buyers, particularly first time users.

Before placing an order for DIY ink cartridge refills though, a few tips are presented below to help prospective users in shopping.

  1. Know your printer and cartridge. This initial step is important because there are hundreds of printer models already out in households and offices. As each inkjet model prints with specific ink formula and cartridge, being able to identify the replacement perhaps with the serial numbers will be a lot of help. For example, a BCI 6 consumable for Canon will not work on Samsung, Brother and Lexmark inkjets. Even for printers of the same brand like HP for instance, consumable specifications vary from model to model.
  2. Inspect the contents of the kit. First time users must ensure that all the tools necessary for a speedy and successful refill are found inside. The kit is typically supplied with syringes for a mess-free infusion of ink, special plugs designed for resealing the holes following the replenish and of course the instructional manual.
  3. Request for an instructional manual. The DIY ink cartridge refill process will probably come off as a Herculean task for beginners. But if instructions are supplied with the kit, the entire process would really appear as rather easy.

Total care must be observed however during the fill up or the process will come out messy. As a precaution, wear old clothes and use the latex gloves supplied with the kit in the course of replenishing to avoid getting stains on the hands. More importantly, understand the entire process before proceeding with the task. Instructions are so designed by third party manufacturers with step-by-step illustration that even beginners can perform the entire process and get by successfully.

Never again worry when printer cartridges run out of ink because refill kits are available at a price that is over 85% cheaper than OEM’s. Besides the DIY ink cartridge refill process is simple, easy and convenient to execute.

Now if you don’t want to go through the inconveniences, consider using compatible ink cartridges instead. While it is a bit pricier than refill kits, you can still reduce the cost by opting for Canon BCI 6 pack bundle. You save enough compared to purchasing cartridges individually.

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