3 Small Home Improvement DIYs that can Greatly Improve Your Home’s Appeal

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Every now and then, it is important to clean and do home improvement activities in your home. This does not only add appeal to your haven but also helps in keeping your homes well-maintained and in top shape. During home improvement projects, you get the chance to actually look inside your home and check out areas that need to be repaired or cleaned. Doing so extends the lifespan of your home. Early repairs and prevention also help in saving you a lot of cash caused by huge remodeling and repairs you have to do in the future inside or outside your home.

Here are some of the common and less expensive home improvements ideas you can do at home to add a new vibrant atmosphere in your little haven.

  1. Paint

Some may think that painting your home is an expensive job. It is, if you’ll ask a contractor to do the job for you. If you will do it together with the rest of the household, you’ll spend $100 or even less and yet enjoy a major makeover for your home.

Painting your home with bright and bold colors can provide an instant face lift. The dramatic change can do a lot of difference with the total look of your home. Not an expert? Packing tapes are your best friend. Paints can now be bought pre-mixed and all you need to do is apply them on the surface. You can use packing tapes to cover areas where boundaries exist. Start painting with light colors going to the bright and bolder ones as you progress. If you do not have a big home to paint, it will only take a few hours during the weekend to do the work. It can be a great bonding session for the whole family as well.

Use the extra money you have saved from your paint to buy express curtains and blinds. Make sure that these items will match with the color of your new house. You can consider checking out express curtains and blinds online or on your local home depot.

  1. A New Mailbox

Installing a new mailbox is an instant change you can do at home. Whether a stand-alone one or one that is attached to your front door, you can bring a different look into your home with a new mailbox. This will cost you around $15-20 or around $50 if you want to have it placed by the road. This usually takes an hour or less to complete. To add a personal touch to your mailbox, you can paint them with a theme color you enjoy or you could install a few décor onto it. You could attach a figurine on your mailbox. You can even opt to attach a bird figurine or a figurine of a mailman on your mail box for that unique look.

  1. House Numbers

Accents can improve the appearance of your homes. Your house number can be a unique accent you can personalize — opt to completely change the look of your house numbers to generally add a distinctive and appealing accent in your home. You can ask an aluminum or metal expert to forge you a unique-looking number or buy from your local hardware or home shopping store. The design that will complement or stand out depends on the color or design of your home. A house number can cost you around $2 per number or $50-$100 for customized ones. The change is also a great conversation starter since this is a very distinct change you can do.

Little DIY project in your home can be an enjoyable and creative experience for the whole family. Include the whole family during the planning and implementation stages to make your home projects a cherished memory for every member of your own DIY home improvement team.

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