3 Great Pets For Kids

 Best Starter Pets For Kids
Every parent knows there will come a time, when their child asks that question…”Mommy, Daddy, Can I have a pet?” Are you prepared for when your child flashes them puppy dog eyes? No need to fear. Although, some of us may not be ready to take on the extra responsibility and financial expenses of a new dog or cat, there are better options out there. You can still teach your child the importance of responsibility, without the extra financial burden. These 3 choices are great pets for kids and beginner pet owners in general.
1. Hermit Crab

hermit-crab-601276” by stokpic is licensed under CC0 Public Domain

As one of the most popular beginner pets, Hermit Crabs are a great choice for teaching responsibility to children of all ages. A known favorite among parents, they are relatively inexpensive and are very low maintenance. Friendly and curious, they will keep your child entertained for hours with their quirky characteristics. Hermit Crabs are also hypo-allergenic and make great pets for children with allergies. Although, they have been known to do well on their own, Hermit Crabs are very social pets and do best in groups. Their small size allows for a 10-gallon aquarium to house 2 to 3 crabs.

  • Long Life Span(10+ years with proper care)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Inexpensive
  • Quiet


  • Nocturnal
  • Very Fragile
  • Not Very Interactive(Child may become bored)
 2. Leopard Gecko

Not crazy about getting a snake or an iguana? No problem. These small lizards are a great choice for your little reptile pet lover. Their unique markings and beautiful appearance are sure to catch your child’s eye. Leopard Geckos are known to be very friendly and have a mellow disposition, which make them easily handled by children. Unlike most lizards, Leopard Geckos are relatively low maintenance and care costs are fairly low. However, they do require a heat source at all times. Both heating pads and lamps work well with these reptiles and should be placed on one side of the tank, as they need constant variations in temperature. Heating Rocks often get too hot and are not suitable heat sources for your pet.

  • Friendly, Docile, and Like To Be Handled
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Life Span(15+ Years)
  • Low Care Costs


  • Eat Live Food(Crickets and Meal Worms)
  • Nocturnal
  • Requires Heating Source(Lamps or Pads)
3. Guinea Pig

guinea-pig-498054” by Pezibear is licensed under CC0 Public Domain

Considerably larger than a hamster, Guinea Pigs have been known to be an excellent pet for children older than 10. While they do require more maintenance than some other beginner pets, their patient and friendly nature make them great starter pets for kids. They are very social animals, that require lots of attention and companionship. For this reason, they are known to do best in groups of two or three. Unlike hamsters, guinea pigs are diurnal animals, meaning they are active during the day and sleep at night. Therefore, their cage can be placed in any room of the house, including your children’s bedroom, without the worry of keeping them up all night.

  • Diurnal
  • Very Social, Timid, and Gentle
  • Fairly Low Maintenance


  • Messy
  • Very Social(Chatter Boxes)
  • Like to be in groups of 2 or more(Be sure to get all female or male, unless you want babies)




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