3 Effective Solutions to Eliminate Molds Naturally

Molds look harmless and innocent. Many people tend to ignore their growth on walls, fences, floors, carpets and other places until they become dense enough to be an eyesore. But despite their harmless look, molds give off invisible spores that can cause allergic reactions. You need to eliminate molds at their first signs of growth in any part of your home. This can help to keep your family safe from allergy and other health risks. There are a lot of ways to kill molds but the natural method such as the use of natural bleach mold removal formula is certainly the best because it doesn’t cause harm to the environment.  


Tea Tree Spray


This is probably the best natural solution to eradicate molds and mildew naturally. Many home keepers use it to successfully stop the growth and proliferation of molds from leaking roofs, rugs and shower curtains among others. One little drawback of tee tree oil is its cost because it is quite expensive, but a little can go a long way. Tee tree oil also gives off a very strong smell you may not like, but it doesn’t last long.


Here’s the formula:




Tee tree oil – 2 teaspoonfuls

Water – 2 cups




Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and mix them very well in order to make a good blend. Spray the formula on places where molds grow but don’t rinse them. This formula has no expiration period. You can use it indefinitely.


Grapefruit Seed Extract


Grapefruit seed extract is as effective and as costly as tee tree oil, but it is odorless and will surely allow you to work non-stop on your mold-killing mission. To make a mold killer out of this extract, you may follow these steps:




Grapefruit seed extract – 20 drops

Water – 2 cups





Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake it well to create an excellent blend. Spray on affected areas and allow the formula to dry without rinsing. Like tee tree oil spray, this formula lasts until it is consumed. It has no expiration date.


Vinegar Spray


Natural vinegar is known to kill more than 80% of molds. It is quite cheap but it can effectively kill common types of molds. Here’s how you will produce the spray:




Distilled white vinegar – any amount




Pour white distilled vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it on moldy areas without rinsing. You need to note though that vinegar gives off a pungent smell that can last for a few hours. If the odor is too strong for you, you may add a little essential oil of any type to make the scent bearable enough.


Molds can be a health risk even to people who are not allergic. Some individuals react to mold by displaying signs of fatigue and depression even if they don’t have a history of allergy. To prevent the growth of molds, you should not allow moisture in any part of your home. Keep carpets, basements, shower curtains and other places dry and make sure your piping system is free from leaks. This will prevent the growth of molds which can be the cause of your problem. If molds persist, it is time for you to seek help from professionals such as the rainbow carpet cleaning experts.

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