3 Commonly Overlooked E-commerce SEO Strategy

Staring an e-commerce business is a lot easier now thanks to powerful yet affordable content management systems and the shopping cart tools developed by some of the most reputed IT companies. All you need are a website, a reliable courier partner, and some warehouses across the country to start selling your products to national/international customers. However, the problem is, since the development cost of an e-commerce website is much affordable now, the competition in the market is stiff. From grocery items to electronic products, there are many online stores fighting with each other to get consumers’ attention. SEO is thus very important to generate organic traffic and stay ahead of the competitors in the same niche. Here are 3 overlooked SEO techniques by LasVegasWebDesignCo that you should apply to make your e-commerce website successful.

Customer generated reviews:

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We all know that buyers read reviews of other customers before buying an item, but that is all about influencing consumers’ buying decision. Why is it important for SEO? Well, first of all, product pages in an e-commerce website don’t contain a huge amount of content. So, when the people write reviews, you get authentic, keyword-rich content for free for months as people keep adding reviews. Also, you get the opportunity to rank for long-tail keywords that you may have never considered before. Buyers may compare your products with others and ask questions that will contain the long-tail keywords people are actually using.

Create custom landing pages based on user query:

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Every e-commerce website features a search tool and user search queries is one of the best sources of data for search engine optimization. If many people are searching for something, then it is wise to create a landing page for that item only. This way, you will be able to get a top rank on SERP as you have optimized your website for some of the most valuable keywords. Moreover, since these keywords have been used by a very specific segment of customers who truly want to purchase the item, you can rank for less-competitive yet very much CTR friendly keywords.

Go multinational and multilingual:

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It is great to have a .com domain because it has a universal appeal, but if you are selling products across the continents then it is a smart move to buy country specific URL as well. For instance, if you are doing business in India, then .in is a must. Location specific domain name helps you compete with the local businesses and users are also able to find you more easily.

Similarly, you should create the content of your country specific domain in the local language. For instance, if you have a presence in Argentina, your website content must be in Spanish. This not only helps in communication, it also allows you to incorporate keywords in Spanish which the locals will be using.


Search engine optimization of an e-commerce website is a tiresome job and you should hire professionals to take care of the SEO campaign. Find an affordable and trustworthy Indian SEO company to make your online shop search engine friendly.

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