3 Case Studies on How Bad Reputation can Ruin Your Business

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Do you know what a disgruntled employee, ex-spouse or a competitor can do to your business or company? They can all be the source of your bad reputation, and this clearly hurts your business.


In relation to this, this article is highlighting 3 different case studies to help you understand which directions things turn once someone spoils your reputation.

Bad Reputation Case Study 1

A Business Deal in South America Failed before it Could Go Well

A young, energetic entrepreneur with some thorough financial knowledge had an ambition to start an infrastructure and construction company. His proposal was splendid, and he had even figured how he was going to create more jobs for the jobless, and bring energy costs to the minimum.

He teamed up with some partners, drafted a good plan and set sail for the unknown.

But there was a problem. When you searched his name on Google, it returned 5 negative articles about him, though another 5 were positive. The negative posts tried linking him to some past family legal issues, which he had no part in whatsoever.

The result was this — his $80 million idea remained just that — an idea. He had lost hope for scheduling meetings or even receiving calls from his prospects.

Even if he made it to the first meeting, it would have been cancelled before he could get a chance to explain himself.

Bad Reputation Case Study 2

Disgruntled Client Ruins the Reputation of a Lawyer

This is a lawyer who had helped individuals refinance their homes in New York area — a practice he had done for several years. He managed to capture the attention of many clients because he was smart in SEO and other marketing techniques.

Then one day, a client disagreed with him over a trivial matter. So he decided to set up a blog to express his dissatisfaction with this particular lawyer.

The name of this lawyer featured on the domain name, plus titles contained the words ”rip off”. As a result, the negative reputation outranked the positive ones he had built for years on search engines.

It definitely sent his business crumbling down.

Bad Reputation Case Study 3

Job Seeker Ends with Nothing

A technology & marketing executive had been looking for a job for several months. He established networks in New York, sent resumes, and engaged with potential employers on social media sites. Then he landed what was supposed to be a phone interview — which was cancelled the next day anyway.

The reason was simple: a dissatisfied client set up a website using his name, then filled it up with wrong information about him. He even published an old invoice (which he claimed had not been paid for 3 years). So before the executive could land the interview, it was cancelled.

You can see how good reputation is ruined in one night. Securing your reputation is one thing you should always fight for even if it means paying for it. What do you think?

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