3 Basic Mistakes That Might Ruin Your Internet Business

Mistakes that might ruin your internet business all boil down to planning oversights and incorrect use of your resources. It’s also a huge mistake to miss out on all opportunities available to you. This means that the best way to prevent business-ruining issues is to plan ahead, do your research, and stay updated on all relevant news. The things you should be focused on in particular include:

3 Mistakes That Ruin Internet Business Fast and How to Fix Them

1.      Not having a customer service set up ahead of time

According to Aberdeen research, companies with a top-quality customer service have a 92% higher retention rate. However, for you to have that kind of service you need to prepare it well before the launch of your business. The minimum requirements are outsourcing a call center and launching a chatbot that will be able to provide instant consultations online.

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The latter must be exceedingly well-developed and specific to be efficient. You have to program it so the AI can answer your customers’ questions quickly and accurately. This means you have to conduct a thorough research of what those questions can be and prepare a detailed information packet that will ensure the quality of your customer service is top-notch.

2.      Not planning ahead for website traffic surges

With a good marketing campaign in place you might get an influx of traffic right away. And lose it immediately because your website crashes. To prevent this kind of problem you must have a reliable hosting service and a plan that will accommodate possible traffic surges.

As the majority of new businesses use shared servers due to their cost efficiency, you’ll need to be very careful in choosing the host. Be sure to study detailed reviews of providers on a website that offers independent web hosting help.

In case your website does crash, you need to have a scheme in place to bring it back up as fast as possible. This means monitoring the website constantly and having the host’s customer service on speed dial to contact them immediately. You should also prepare emails to send out to your customers and warn them about the problem.

3.      Not optimizing your website design for maximum efficiency

Today your website’s loading speed is much more important than its visual appeal. However, its attractiveness is also a very important factor. Therefore, you have to choose a design that will both load fast and look stylish.

Minimalistic themes with 1-2 heavy visuals per page are the best option today. But you need to remember the details as well. For example, fonts and buttons. All of them must be clearly visible and readable on any type of screen (from a 4K monitor to a small smartphone).

The placement of buttons also requires some thought, so they are visible and easy to click on the mobile version of your pages. The point is to consider every tiny detail. As a newbie and not a web design professional, you might not be able to know all of them. That’s why it’s always best to have your website’s design developed by a professional or to use a professional theme.You also need to remember that all visuals on your pages must be optimized for SEO and fast loading.

Basic mistakes that can ruin an internet business are all rooted in insufficient attention to details. Therefore, the best way to prevent them is to do a thorough research of the subject before you start.

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