13 Hidden Wits Of Google

Did you know that Google comes from the word Googol? Googol is a math term used to describe immeasurable quantities such as subatomic particles of atoms or hypothetical probabilities in a chess game, it then represents Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s mission: to create an ostensibly boundless amount of information on the web.

In spite of being the most popular search engine, people behind Google still never forget how to play. In fact, they added some tricks you can check for yourself on your idle time. Here are the top 13. Take a look.

1. Zerg Rush

With Zerg Rush’s popularity, Google affixed the game in the search bar. To activate, type: Zerg Rush and press Enter. The entire letter O’s will start to drop and destroy the results. A score board computes your score when all the results have been wiped out. You can share your score on Google+.

2. Let Me Google That For You (LMGTFY)

Let Me Google That for You is tolerably a spoon-feeding feature of Google if you will do a search for someone else. Visit www.lmgtfy.com and enter the word in the search box. A link will be generated for you to send it to the other person rather than just the results. Once he clicks the link, the page will instruct him how to search his query, equally asking him, “Was that so hard?”

3. Steve Irwin

Most of the landmarks that appear in Google Earth have been sketched by independent designers. Navigate round the waterfront of the Sydney Opera House and you’ll see Australia’s wildlife advocate; the late Steve Irwin, clenching a crocodile.

4. elgooG

What would Google look like in front of the mirror? To find out, check this version: elgoog.im. As search terms and search results were typed in reverse, it would be harder for intermediates to track what users were searching.

5. Do A Barrel Roll

This trick will spin the search results a 360-degree round. Type: Do a barrel roll then press Enter.

6. Google Terminal

If Google was invented in the ‘80s, this would the search engine look like. Go to: http://elgoog.im/terminal/.

7. Google Underwater

Try to search something with http://elgoog.im/underwater/ and see the results sinking with Google Underwater.

8. Google Guitar

Music lovers and guitarists, Google developers made something for you, go to: http://elgoog.im/guitar/ and hover the cursor on the strings of Google. You can also share on Google+ your own recorded music.

9. Google Loco

I have no idea what the developers are thinking when they’re coding Google Loco. Whatever it is, it makes Google dance adorably. Go to: http://www.thatsloco.com/.

10. Google Hacker

Hackers use leet language which is also known as 1337. It is a hacker slang used as an alternative for the English language. For instance, username with CatLover would be [email protected] in leet language.

Type Google Hacker in the search query and click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button to see Google’s leet version.

11. Annoying Google

Annoying Google casually changes letters in the search query to toggle case. Type: Annoying Google and click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

12. Google Pacman

Who never miss Pacman? Feels like playing it on Google’s page? Type: Google Pacman and click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

13. Atari Breakout

As a tribute for the classic game Atari Breakout, Google made it accessible for image search. Type: Atari Breakout and click on ‘Images’.

Care for other Google tricks I slipped from the list? Fill up the comment box below.

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