10 Tools That’ll Help You With Your Writing Procrastination

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Procrastination affects most people at some point in their life. Everyone has certain methods and strategies to overcome the feeling of putting off necessary work. In most professions this is reduced due to the fact that there is surrounding coworkers or a superior to keep someone focused. Writers can work in these types of environments but also be more prone to procrastination if working solitarily. The process of writing is usually not a collaborative effort, at least in the beginning. It can be good idea for writers to learn ways to prevent and reduce procrastination.

1. Apps

There are various apps that a writer can research that can help end procrastination. These writing apps can aid the writer to develop their ideas by giving suggestions for prompts or even help develop characters by providing channels to keep track of all their details.

2. Productivity

Focusing on productivity apps can be an initial step to fighting procrastination. These apps can help the writer to create goals that can be further broken down into specific to do lists. Others help a writer keep track of various notes they have created for their paper or story.

3. Whiteboard

Having a white board accessible with markers can help a writer to visualize their ideas. By working on the outline and showing where different plot points would be located the writer can more effectively see the big picture. A whiteboard also allows others, if the writing effort is collaborative to brainstorm things such as story ideas. Sometimes the act of getting up in front of others and talking about the concept can help stimulate the desire to get to work.

4. Blogs

Perusing productivity blogs can give tips and ideas on how other people have conquered their procrastination. The reader can look at how to work more efficiently or visit writer’s blogs they admire to see what has worked for them. A person can go a step further by reaching out via email and asking for advice with their problem.

5. Timer

Setting up a timer and having a specific period to work can help create structure. If the writer can work until the time goes off, they can create a defined work schedule. This can help others in their life to not bother them until a specific end point.

6. Mind Map

Sketching out mind maps will focus the writer’s concepts unto paper in a visual format. If the writer finds these types of visualization techniques help they can find digital tools that will develop mind maps. These mind maps can show a path for story development or character arcs. By seeing how one part of the story will be woven into another part the writer can more effectively see what they need to work on first. Having the story framed out can make the work seem doable and more approachable.

7. Website

Searching for specific websites that deal with psychology of procrastination can also be a productive effort. These websites can provide online tutorials of how to end their lack of motivation to get work done. Through email contact, websites can deliver targeted information to them for answers to their questions. Other websites can suggest custom writing services. Focusing their search for things that will aid in their ending procrastination will be needed if they can’t get going.

8. Books

Visiting local bookstores and getting motivation books can help the writer to be excited about their work. Various books can appeal to different personality types and the person should find an author they respect and take their advice. Writers can also read books they feel passionate about to get ready for their writing. These sources of inspiration can be well loved stories that make them want to write. Books with this type of information can be kept close for the writer to scan when feeling slow.

9. Videos

With the ease of access to professional education content online, a writer should be able to find valuable information watching some. Visiting various video platforms the writer can find presentations and talks by authors who have dealt with what they are feeling. The writer must take care not to end up wasting time watching videos without absorbing the information being discussed. The important concept is to act upon what they learn from others.

10. Courses

Some writers will feel it necessary to actually enroll in productivity course. These types of classes can be provided by local colleges. This structured environment might be necessary for the writer to take the content seriously. Interacting with other writers can help motivate someone to take their deadlines more seriously and keep focused. This mutual support network can then extended via online. When feeling unmotivated the writer can reach out to others in this group for suggestions on how to get working. There are usually various continuing education courses that can fit around peoples schedule even if they already have a career.

11. Plugins

There are available plugins for popular browsers which help focus a writer’s attention. There are various features that each plugin provides. The writer should use free trial periods to figure out what type of plugin would benefit them most. Plugins usually try to limit distractions and create incentives to write more for a specific set time period. Using these tools might be the answer for writer’s who are procrastinating.

Reducing the urge to procrastinate work is important for someone to become more time efficient. Finding the right tools to help with this can be an important way to have a less stressful work environment. Allotting the proper amount of time to accomplish the required work is something to work towards. This better time management gives someone more options on the various things to focus on. There is usually enough time to accomplish all the tasks if planed carefully. Reading above, a writer can get some ideas that will allow them to stop procrastinating and start writing more productively.

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