10 Things About Love as Explained by Science

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What is love? It is one of the most penetrating questions to be asked to a person. It is the person’s answer that sort of defines what that person is like. Love is in itself a complicated subject for most people. To be able to know what it is, you have to experience it for yourself and even then you still can’t explain it. But for science, love is just another subject that needs to be uncovered.

Science believes that anything can be explained. It believes that everything can be measured, described and calculated. It strives to answer everything that a person’s curiosity asks. In the scientists’ eyes nothing is a mystery. On that note, Religion believes differently. It believes that a special divine force is the one responsible for all things. However, the conflicting beliefs of these parties, they both believe that love does exist. We are going to find out how science explains and define this word we call love.

1.      Love is Human Nature

It is in our nature to fall in love. Nature’s designed us to fall in love. We could say that it is nature’s way to get our species multiply and grow. We may be fooled into thinking that we are falling in love or choosing our lifetime partner but we are like puppets in nature’s great plan. It is our brains that do all the work. As we all know, the human body is designed to adapt with its surroundings. Things such as, when we are hot, the brain sends the message to our body that it is hot and we sweat to cool us down. Another good example is when we eat something bad; we either vomit or have stomachache. The same goes when falling in love. When we meet someone from the opposite sex, it sends messages to our brains. Our brains then process what we see and it sends the message that we may like that person or not. It is not only humans but also the species of higher order that fall in love in order to reproduce and to preserve their own kind.
2.      The scientific definition of love

The scientific definition of love  is as follows and I quote, “Healthy Real Love is a powerful, vital, natural process of, highly valuing, desiring for, often acting for and taking pleasure in the well-being of the loved”.  This definition of love is applicable to all kinds of love. It is further explained as love as a way to socialize and to get to know ourselves and the world. Love is all about keeping the welfare of your loved ones first. It makes us do all kinds of things that make us better. Love is a calming entity that enables speedy recovery from any sickness or injury.When we are in love our life seems to be on track. Its definition can help us to understand it more. It is created so that people will look at it in a more easy word. It is also for keeping our definition of it uniform and universal.
3.      How the scientific definition of love was formed

For the definition of love can be called scientific, they were many researches, studies and surveys that were made to be able to arrive to that conclusion. Thanks for the people who made all these hard work possible even though we thought that scientists shows more interest in other things. It seems that we are mistaken and love is as interesting as finding cure for cancer.Scientists say that many people fail to grasp the real meaning of love is because we only focus on one side of love. It is called the couples love. It is the love between two different individuals building a long-lasting relationship. To be able to come up with a more accurate description, we need to enumerate all the possible types of love. The scientists and researchers were able to come up with 60 kinds of love. They included it from a love of a child to its toys to the even more complex love of a person to God. They then studied the characteristics for each type. They compare from the other types and did a cross-examination. The conclusion was from the characteristics that were found in all types of love. That is how the scientific definition of love was derived.
  4.    Love is like a recipe

There are nine key ingredients of love and it is found in the definition of love I showed earlier. They are high-valuing, powerful, vital, natural, process, desiring for the well-being of the loved, acting for the well-being of the loved, taking pleasure of the well-being of the loved and well-being. You need a teaspoon of high-valuing. Love is high-valuing because it gives importance to the people we love and keeps the heart warm. It also needs a dash of powerful. It is powerful because it can pass whatever obstacle people may face with love and it keeps the relationship firm. Then it is needed a bottle of vital. It is vital because without love we will not be able to live our life to the fullest and keeps the person alive. It needs a good stirring of natural. It is natural because it s part of our existence as human beings and it reminds us that we are humans. You need to constantly add progress. It is a process because it constantly progresses and develops as each day passes. Most importantly, it needs a hearty helping of desire, act, take pleasure of the well-being of the love. We desire, act, take pleasure of the well-being of the love is because we love them. Love is all about the person we love and not about ourselves.  When the recipe of love is done right, we can consider it as “true love”. If even one lacks then it is not love. It is generally hard to the difference between “true love” and not because you can’t tell if a person is being sincere or not but everything can be made right through time.
5.      Love is not…

Scientists also sorts out the wrong ideas about love. It includes that love is something more than just being felt. It is because love is long-lasting and emotions is just temporary. It does not cause obsession tendencies. it is not love if your are obsessed with somebody. It is not all about sex. It is just one of the tools to keep love alive. It is not a mental condition. It is probably the most common and normal thing that humans do. Love is not about crushes.To know if it is love, there are signs to know when to get out of a relationship. The signs are jealousy, childish behavior and  being demanding. These things are not love because it is based on only one person. we can call it a selfish form of love. While love i really for the person you love. When we love, our world does not only revolve on that one person but rather it continually grows. It is normal to be hurt when we love someone. Hurt is the very opposite of harm. When we say or do something that is hurtful to the ones we love is because we do not want to harm them. Love is not about reliant to your partner. It about being independent.
6.      We should absolutely fall in love

There are a lot of things that you will feel when you fall in love. However, when you are experiencing “real love”, it only has a positive effect on you. It has therapeutic effects on the body. It means that if you have a disease, your recovery rate is higher when you are in love. We feel that we should only do good things and because we are with our loved ones, we could change the world with them. The people that we love make us feel that we are the kindest person in the world. It makes us want to improve ourselves not only for the benefit of our partner but also for ourselves. We are always in a good mood and thinking that nothing could go wrong. We are being pulled to get together with everyone in the whole universe and the beings who live in it . It is a great source of motivation. When we do something, it is because we are doing it for our loved ones. It makes living a dream and not a nightmare.
7.      Falling in love happens in our brain not in the heart

When we fall in love, we relate it to our heart. For example, when we get rejected by someone we like, we call ourselves “heartbroken”.  We can also call it being “heartsick”. As we all know from our science classes, the heart is one of the vital parts of the human body. It is the main organ of our circulatory system. We also know that the heart is muscle. It will be impossible for the heart to feel love because it just contracts as muscles all do. The brain is the one who processes everything. It gives signals to be sent to our body. It is to let us know we are in love. Our hearts beating fast is probably one of the signals sent by the brain. We probably relate the heart to love because it sounds better. Can you imagine saying “I love you with all my brain.”?
8.      Blame the hormones for falling in love

The hormones are the substances in our body that sends messages to our body to do a particular action. we can also call them the “messengers”. We have a lot of hormones in our body. Each have a different purpose, from our growth to to our disposition and everything in between, our hormones are the culprit. The ones that are involved when falling in love are the sex hormones, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin and vasopressin. Sex hormone is present when we meet someone from the opposite sex. They are called testosterone and estrogen both of which are found in both men and women. Of course, the testosterone level is higher in men and the estrogen level is higher in women. Adrenaline is responsible for how you will respond to stressful situations. For example, when you happen to meet your new love interest, you get nervous and jumpy. Adrenaline is also responsible when we are in a difficult situation and you are able to do the impossible. Dopamine is responsible for a person’s desire. it gives the person a feeling of pleasure especially when we are close to the person we love.  Serotonin is responsible for answering the question, “why are we in love with someone?” by letting that ‘someone’ pop into our trail of thought. Vasopressin is responsible for long term relationships. Vasopressin is responsible in keeping your devotion to your partner.
9.      Like puberty, we all go through stages when we fall in love

Love also has stages that we go through. It is like the scientific method. It is the list or steps of all scientists must go through in order to properly discover something new. They are lust, attraction and attachment. Lust is when we encounter someone from the opposite sex. It is when we feel like that there is a chemistry going on. It is driven by the sex hormones. It is said that it takes only a couple of minutes to know if we like a person. Attraction is the second stage. It is where you experience being easily distracted because you are preoccupied with the thoughts of the person you like. You, yourself cannot understand it but you keep thinking about that person. We can also call it being love-sick. The last stage is attachment. It simply means long-term commitment. It is a commitment that lasts to the point that couples have children and even more better, grandchildren.
10.      Love still remains a mystery

Although scientists and researchers have tried their best to uncover the meaning of love, there are many questions that are still needed to be answered. We haven’t answered “how love is created?”.  Scientists describe love as something that is interpreted by the brain but it does not actually create love. The definition that I showed is the result of countless researches and studies. It still is not enough to rely on that definition solely. However, those still give us a pattern as to what love is and can still serve as a reference. Love is still a subject that needs to be further explored to be able to be fully understood.  It seems that all unanswered questions lead us to believe that love is from the being known as God. It shows that love is something that came from a divine entity. It is only up to the individual if you believe it or not. One thing’s for sure though, it is that love is wonderful gift to us by God or by Nature.


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