10 Things I’ve Learned From Pope Francis

Pope Francis at the University of Santo Thomas

Pope Francis at the University of Santo Thomas

In an encounter to the largest event of the Pope in the history, there are 10 remarks His Holiness had stated in one of his itineraries, the Meeting of the Youth, which I would always keep in mind as the day goes by. Read on.


  1. Women see things that men are not able to see. Women are capable of putting up queries that men are not capable to figure out.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis during his speech

He noticed that there is only a little representation of females during the event. Pope Francis emphasizes that women see things that men cannot see; very true. Adding up to humor, he said that when the next pope comes, there should be more girls and women among the number of speakers.

  1. If our kindness will only lead us to share a bit of our blessing to someone in need, it is useless.

Young people today are lacking one thing: of knowing how to cry. It is a worldly compassion which is useless if that compassion will only request us to give something. Apart from seeing those that are deprived, it is only when we are capable of crying that we will appreciate these people, what they are going through and how much they have suffered.

  1. Sometimes, it is only in crying that we can describe the indescribable things and respond to questions that have no answer.

    Pope Francis with Glyzelle Palumar and Jon Chura

    Pope Francis with Glyzelle Palumar and Jon Chura

In tears, Glyzelle Palumar, once a street child asked, “Why God allows these things to happen? Children did not commit to any sin. And why there’s hardly any people helping us?” Lost in words, Pope Francis pointed out that eyes cleansed by tears are the only key to see broadly and understand someone’s grief.

  1. Be brave. Don’t be afraid of crying.

It is not a weakness to cry. It is just a reflection of your vulnerability of being a human.

  1. Do what you feel, feel what you do. Do what you think, think what you do.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis kissed a child in the crowd.

It is essential to decide and act according to our beliefs; to use our mind, our heart and our hands simultaneously. We must listen to our heart and prove it through our works at the same time.

  1. Young people today have a great danger of being youth museums. We don’t need much youth museums, we do need sanctified young people.

Before you know it, you’ve been talking about around the web by bashers and bullies. The computer, the Internet and the social media had joint their forces to feed us with information, flood of information. It’s not bad, but maybe we’ve been a bit too far that we sometimes do not know what action to take or sometimes we are taking actions without thinking at all.

  1. Don’t be overwhelmed with too much information; it will not lead you to surprises. Give yourself some room for excitement.

With too much information, the component of surprise is lost. It takes for granted the thrill and the pleasure expressed by the one giving it to the one receiving it. So don’t dwell with too much information. Let yourself be loved, let those surprises come in.

  1. Allow ourselves to be surprised by God.

God reveals Himself through surprises. Remember St. Matthew, he allowed himself to be surprised by Jesus cleansing his feet. That surprise overcomes his odd past. Only God knows when to reveal His surprises on each of us so let us not overpower God.

  1. Know how to beg and ask for help.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis with Father Mark

It is our ego that blocks us from receiving help. We all might not be aware of this. But those who provide assistance believe that they do not need help from anyone. That’s a big mistake. These people did not learn anything to those who they offered help. We all need to experience how to beg, how to ask.

  1. We can get wisdom from those we had helped.

Do you know that you too are poor? Do you know your poverty and your necessity to receive? Do you let yourselves be evangelized by others, permitting them to give you something? This helps you mature in your commitment to give; to learn how to offer out your hand from your very own deficiency. Those that you help out, they have so much to offer you.

(Photos by: Redelyn Juan)

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