10 Great crime novels that became great movies

Our Cinema always made criminals look cool, crime being the phenomenal genre of our movies industry contributes a lot to our society as well. The gangster genre showed how criminals worked their core existence from inside out.

We will be talking about the best 10 crime novels that became great movies. If you are love with movies with twisting plot and sublimed terrors then this list is just for you. You can also purchase them on the discount of 50% with Amazon books offers. Let’s get started!

  1. The girl with the dragon tattoo

About the Book

The girl with the dragon tattoo is written by Stieg Larsson in 2005.The book is a spellbinding amalgamation of murder mystery, family drama and love story. The language of the book is Sweden but has millions of translations! More than 1,50,000 copies were sold.

About the Movie

The movie revolves around a protagonist who is a journalist (Mikael Blonkvist) who is basically a computer hacker and in search of a women with dragon tattoo who is missing for 40 years. This movie is directed by David Fincher with amazing casting and crime scenes.

Leading roles were being played by Roonie Mara, who played the role of the missing lady, Daniel Craig, the journalist. What attracts to the movie is climax and the pitch perfect acting skills. Customer have reviews the movie 4.5/5 in overall scenarios.

  1. Strangers on the Train

About the Book

Strangers on the train is written by Patricia Highsmith which is a psychological thriller based on lives of 2 men who involve with the “trade murder”. The book has done exceptionally well in terms of the genre and plot. The book gains 3.8 stars from good-reads and 90% on rotten tomatoes.

About the Movie

Again talking about the plot then this text or movie is one which cannot be beaten up by any other movie. The movie is directed by Alfred Hitchcock which revolves around 2 protagonist who are pro tennis stars and how they indulge themselves with the crime based murders.

Farley Granger and Robert Walker are the two main leads who have won our hearts with their fine acting skills. Strangers on the train ranks at the top of Hitchcock’s work. The movie shares review of 4/4 on Roger Ebort and 90% off on rotten tomatoes.

  1. The Silence of the Lambs

About the Book

The Silence of Lamb is written by Thomas Harris, this story revolves around a psychopath who is a serial killer. The plot of the story revolves round the murders mysteries. However, the title of the book does not go with the plot but once you start reading the novel, you won’t be able to leave before it gets completed.

About the Movie

The movie exhibits amazing roles of individuals, the director Howard Shore has done fine work with the main leads Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. The movie is loved by audience and people have rated 4.8 on 5 for the overall thing, plot, cast and action.

  1. The Thirty Nine Steps

About the Book

The thirty nine steps is an adventure book written by John Buchan. He set all the exceeding adventurous things in his text. One can feel in the midst of the situation. The book was originally published in 1915. Goodreads share 3.9 stars on 5 for this mysterious book.

About the Movie

Adapted by the text The Thirty Nine steps, the director Alfred Hitchcock, directed a movie “The 39 Steps” which reflected the paar of the plot of the book. A mysterious-crime movie which deals with the murder of Anabelle Smith who was killed in her apartments.

Robert Donat, Madeleine Caroll and Lucie gave their best performances in the movie. What is the best in the movie? The tagline! Yes, “It’s Great, It’s Grand, It’s Glorious” and so in the movie! Movie shares 5/5 on telegraph and 96% on rotten tomatoes.

  1. The Mr. Moto Novels

About the Book

The Mr Moto novels are written by John P. Mr Moto is the protagonist in author’s 6 novels. The author shares the unbind talent of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes combined. In this novels, Mr Moto travels the globe helping people and exposing the villainous things of this world.

About the Movie

There were eight movies which were released 1937 to 1939 starring Peter Lorre.  These movies talk about a person who is a great philosopher and a spy. He travels the whole world and solves the unsolved mysteries and unfolds stories.

  1. Murder on the Orient Express

About the Book

Murder on the Orient Express is written by Agatha Christie, one of the most renowned authors of the world. The text talks about a murderer who kills many lives in a train. Every other passenger doubts other person in the judiciary box.

About the Movie

There are two movies which are created on the basis of the plot of this book, Murder on the Orient Express in 1934 and Murder on the Orient Express in 2017. Murder on the Orient Express (1934) was directed by Sydney Lumet and Murder on the Orient Express (2017) was directed by Kenneth Branath.

  1. The Big Sleep


About the Book

Raymond Chandler, a fine play-writer wrote this mysterious novel The Big Sleep. The story is set by the protagonist Philip Marlowe and eventually turn out to be an upside down plot where every character is double-crossing the other.

About the Movie

The movie is directed by Howard Hawks and the Philip Marlowe is played by actor Humphrey Bogart. The movie has total 5 murders but the background that has been set and the climax given to the movie is remarkable. Rotten Tomatoes gave 98% to the movie. One cannot miss out to watch The Big Sleep.

  1. And then there were none

About the Book

This book comes out from the pen of Agatha Christie again. This phenomenal writer has given us some great books. “And there were none” is one of her finest collection. A mysterious crime novel that emerges from the society. Agatha Christie talks about the wicked past of the characters who are unwilling to reveal the things.

About the Movie

Not actually movie, but this book is turned out in a TV series. The book has done amazingly well in the upfront so we cannot really miss the same. This TV series is British Television Programme which can actually help you fantasized the things. The Telegraph has rated 3.8 on 5.

  1. Devil in the blue

About the book

The text comes from the novelist Walter Mosley. This is just not a novel but a series, a series of white man who got engaged and confused in his personal life where he starts drinking by worrying about his future and what next happens you have no idea that the plot of the book confides in the last scene where his case is being fought in Las Vegas.

About the movie

Directed by Carl Franklin and the main leads were given to Denzel Washington, Jennifer Beals and Don Cheadle. Devil in the Blue reflects Franklin’s effort with the periodical investigator novel. The most interesting element in the movie comes to be the realism and learning, where characters learn from their mistakes and then bury their mistakes in the perception of racial interaction.

  1. The woman in the black

About the Book

The woman in the black is written by Susan Hill which was extremely loved by the audience. The book reflects a horror, crime and mysterious element. Susan Hill adopted the Gothic element in her text. The book talks about a woman who haunts an English town killing many lives

About the Movie

Released in 2012, Women in the black is directed by James Watkins. The movie like the book did amazingly at the box office earning 12.9 crore USD. Daniel Radcliffe and Ciaran Hinds were the main leads of the story. The cinematography of the movie is worthwhile, one could actually feel the terror of the plot.

These were the best of 10 crime novels which won hearts of the audience. Well, you cannot afford to miss anyone of the above movies. These sensational movies paars the bunch of realism, the gothic element, criminal logic and mysterious yet fantasized world.

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