1 in 5 Adults Doesn’t Use the Internet

While the majority of Americans are busy checking their bank statements, emails, Facebook and Tweeter accounts, it isn’t true for everyone. A report from the Pew Internet Project has found that one in five Americans does not use the Internet. For this Internet savvy generation, it seems inconceivable that anyone could live without access to the cyber world. Who are the 20 percent of Americans adults not using the Internet?

They are for the most part senior citizens, the poor and those without a great deal of education. They are not apologetic, they are apathetic. Of the 20 percent, half of them don’t see the Internet as relevant to them. They have never used it and don’t want to use it. Most of the households have no computer in them or other people using the computer. The results are very similar to what was found in the year 2000 in one of Pews first ever reports. Some things it seems never change.

For the report, the results were garnered from a tracking survey that was taken between July 25 and August 26, 2011 and was conducted over the phone on both landlines and cellphones. The 2260 participants were age 18 and older and they were questioned in either English or Spanish.

Among these adults not using the Internet, were many who chose to take the survey in Spanish. Other groups were those whose income was less than $30,000 per year and who had less than a high school education. Within the 20 percent of Americans adults not using the Internet, one in five admitted to knowing enough about technology to use the Internet by themselves. What was particularly telling was that only one in ten was interested in using the Internet or email in the future.

Among Americans who suffer from a disability, more than 25 percent are less likely to use the Internet. 81 percent of people without disability use the Internet and 54 percent of those with disabilities. This takes into account the 2 percent whose disability makes it impossible to use the Internet.

The report also highlights the changes that have occurred in how people are accessing the Internet. When Pew began collecting data in 2000, almost everyone was accessing the Internet from a desktop computer. Today, it can be on a cell phone, tablet, laptop or e-reader. The people who own all these electronic gadgets are those with a higher income, more education and are younger in age than the non- users. It isn’t just teens and twenty year olds either. Those in their 30s and 40s are even more likely to be accessing the Internet using a wide variety of technology.

What is interesting in this report is how much things have changed on one hand and yet the results have remained very similar over the last twelve years. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Those adults not using the Internet don’t miss it and don’t want to change.

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